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Stick Popsocket on Silicone Cases

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Do you still think about how to make your phone more interesting? A Popsocket can help you a lot! No matter what kind of phone case you have, it is easy to stick this silicone gadget.

Popsockets are suitable for both iPhones and Android phones, even for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 Edge. The reason why people love Popsockets is that it reduces the probability of falling down. So, what are you waiting for?

How to make popsocket stick to silicone case


Materials: 1. Phone case (silicone or hard plastic) 2. Popsocket 3. Hair dryer 4. Scissors 5. Razor 6. Tweezers 7 . Lint roller /fabric tape 8. Ruler

Steps: 1. Warm up both popsocket and phone case with hair dryer for a minute 2. Peel the cover of popsocket 3. Stick Popsocket on phone case 4 . Use tweezers to remove any bubbles 5 . Trim off the extra part 6 . If there is still bubble after that, use lint roller to remove it


  1. The heat of hair dryer should not exceed 120 °F/50 °C
  2. If the popsocket cannot resist the heat of hair dryer, it is time to replace a new one
  3. When sticking on phone case, avoid tweezers touch Popsocket
  4. It is not suggested to peel the cover of popsocket with razor.
  5. 1. Make sure you have a popsocket
  6. 2 . Take off your current phone case
  7. 3 . Stick on Popsocket on new phone case
  8. 4.Prepare some tools, such as hair dryer , lint roller and so on
  9. 5. Warm up the popsocket and phone case with hair dryer, then peel off the cover of popsocket
  10. 6 . Use tweezer to remove any bubbles on Popsocket
  11. 7 . If there still bubble after that , please use lint roller  to clean it
  12. 8. Trim off the extra part of popsocket
  13. 9 . Take a close look of Popsocket , if there is any dust on it , please use lint roller or fabric tape to clean it
  14. 10 . You can press the popsocket with your fingers for about three seconds. It will be firmly stick on the phone case
  15. 11. In order to avoid damaging the Popsockets, you’ d better avoid using tools such as razor and tweezers.

What is a Stick Popsocket and how does it work?

A Popsocket is a silicone grip and stand that attaches to flat surfaces such as phones, tablets, and cases. The multipurpose accessory can be used as a finger grip for lifting heavy objects, attached to the back of phones to provide better one-handed hold, or propped up on tables for hands-free viewing.

Why use a Stick Popsocket on your silicone case?

Stick Popsocket on silicone case can help you to grip your phone better, which will reduce the probability of falling off. Moreover, it also makes your phone more interesting .

If you have an old phone case , don’t be hesitated to change it with a new one. You can put a popsocket on the back of it and it will make your phone different.

What you can do with a Popsocket?

You can use Popsocket to hold and stick it on the back of any smooth surfaces such as cellphone, tables and so on. It is suitable for both iPhone and Android phones . You can also use it to remove dust or fingerprints from your phone by using it as a roller.


Using a popsocket on a silicone case is not difficult. If you want to do it by yourself, please read this article carefully and follow the steps in order. You can use hair dryer to warm up both popsocket and phone case for 30 seconds before sticking popsocket on your new silicone cases .

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