SEED shares blogs about multiplayer appointments, economy, Seedling interactions, and horrifying mutations

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In the Seed universe, players are able to explore a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Every player has a role in this evolution and every action they take affects the world around them.

The gamefront de is a blog about multiplayer appointments, economy, Seedling interactions, and horrifying mutations.


I did it to myself, after all. When I last reported on SEED, I was surprised to see that Klang Games had only thrown out one dev blog. The fates heard me, smiled, and decided to send a muse to the developers so that they might produce yet another flood of blog entries. And I’m the only one to blame.

  • SEED players will be able to arrange in-game appointments to send their Seedlings out and perform chores together using a calendar. Yes, it’s true.
  • Because colony construction is intimately linked to the economy, the developers published an article outlining how it works on a micro level.
  • It would be strange if Seedlings didn’t interact with one another, but thankfully, this isn’t the case, since many interactions are planned. Look at them, they’re attempting to imitate humans.
  • This second developer blog is all about Seedlish, which is all about interaction. Consider Simlish, but created by a studio other than Maxis.
  • On a more personal note, the developers took some time to reflect on the team’s return to work.
  • This production blog delves into the Seedling needs hierarchy and examines what wants they may have, all while demonstrating how to convey those wishes to players.
  • This article has some city concept art, so we’re back to talking about cities.
  • Finally, a collection of SEED blogs wouldn’t be complete without a bug of the week article, and this one is a doozy. Eldritch Horror Arms Guy is a character in the game Eldritch Horror Arms Guy. What’s even better? The developers are baffled as to how this issue occurred. Demons. That’s how it was done, developers. Demons.

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The www gamepro is a blog that shares news and information about the popular online multiplayer survival game, Seed.

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