Discord Stuck on Connecting? Here’s the Fix!

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Discord is an instant messaging app that allows you to connect with friends and gamers. It’s also a platform for game servers, where players can find groups of people playing games together. If you’re having trouble connecting to the server or if your connection keeps getting interrupted, here are some steps you can take to fix it!

The discord stuck on connecting voice is a common problem that many users experience. If you’re experiencing this problem, here are some fixes to try!

When it comes to talking with pals while playing games, Discord is the most popular VOIP software for voice chatting. However, some users have claimed that they are unable to do so at times. Because Discord may get stuck connecting when you’re trying to join a channel or talking with a buddy.

With over 250 million active users on this VOIP network, you may understand how essential it is to create lag-free conversation amongst pals if you use it often. When you attempt to join to a Discord channel and your friends are waiting for you, but it stays stuck on the Connecting screen, it may be a pain.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to solve this problem utilizing various tried-and-true techniques. So, if you’re having trouble connecting to a channel on Discord, you should follow this instructions.

Discord-Stuck-on-Connecting-Heres-the-Fix Why is Discord so difficult to connect with?

Before we look at how to solve the problem, let’s look at why this error occurs when you attempt to join a channel.

This may be due to a network problem or a software on your computer that is incompatible with Discord, causing it to get stuck in a connection loop. If you have a VPN installed on your computer, it may prevent Discord from connecting. If VPN is on your must-have list of everyday applications, be sure it supports UDP.

The problem is sometimes caused by a third-party antivirus. If you use an antivirus from a third-party vendor other than Windows Security Defender or MacOS’ built-in antivirus, you may turn it off while using Discord. This will not cause any issues or security risks since Discord is a more safer and secure program that is used by millions of people every day.

1632161391_344_Discord-Stuck-on-Connecting-Heres-the-Fix Try out these solutions!

So, you may have finally found out what’s causing the Discord connection problem. Let us now turn our attention to possible remedies to this problem. There are five methods to tackle this issue; if one doesn’t work, try another.

  • Discord should be updated to the most recent version.
  • Discord should be closed from the system tray and restarted.
  • Disable the antivirus software.
  • UDP should be enabled in the VPN (if using)
  • Proxies should be disabled (if using)
  • Remove any processes or applications that are incompatible.

The first fix is to update the version.

1632161391_774_Discord-Stuck-on-Connecting-Heres-the-FixUpdates for Discord are being downloaded.

The most frequent cause of a connecting loop in Discord is because you’re running an older version of the app.

Not just for security reasons, but also to take advantage of new features and enhancements, one should always utilize the most recent version of the program.

Discord, on the other hand, checks whether a newer version is available and updates itself automatically. However, if it does not update automatically for any reason, you must do it manually.

1632161392_821_Discord-Stuck-on-Connecting-Heres-the-FixUpdates may be found here.

You may remove the current version from your computer and download and install the newest release version from the official Discord website. You may also check the Updates by right-clicking on Discord in the System Tray Icon.

This change is extremely simple to implement, and it should resolve your issue.

2nd Fix: Restart Discord

If upgrading the program to the most recent version didn’t work, you’ll have to do something else to make it function. Some background and foreground programs may be operating on your system at the same time as Discord, causing Discord to lose compatibility and cause it to stop working correctly.

You may try restarting Discord in this situation. To do so, follow the instructions below:

1632161393_370_Discord-Stuck-on-Connecting-Heres-the-FixDiscord should be turned off.

  • To reveal hidden icons, go to the System Tray icon and click the Upward facing Arrow symbol.
  • Because it’s still operating even after you closed it from Windows, you’ll see the Discord symbol there.
  • Right-click the Discord icon and choose Quit from the menu.

I hope this resolves the problem that was preventing you from joining to the channel.

Fix 3: Turn off the antivirus software for a while.

This is also the most effective method for resolving the Connecting Loop problem in Discord. Disabling your antivirus for the duration you use Discord will allow it to function correctly. Antivirus incorrectly identified Discord as a potentially dangerous program, preventing it from functioning properly.

The Antivirus may be turned off by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Go to the Start menu >> >> Look for Defender >> press the Enter key
  • When the Windows security defender window appears, click on it.
  • Under the Virus and Threats Protection options, choose Manage Settings.


  • When you’re in Settings, you’ll find Real time protection, which you should off.


After you’ve completed this, you may try running Discord again to see whether the problem persists.

To prevent any risks or assaults, make sure you turn your antivirus back on once you’ve finished using Discord.

Resetting Network Configuration is the fourth fix.

When you install a number of third-party programs on your computer, they may override your network settings, resulting in a clash with another application on your Windows PC.

In this instance, make sure your network settings are correct and Discord isn’t obstructing your connection. Please follow the instructions below to do so.


  • Type the following commands one by one on the Command Prompt as Administrator.

netsh int ip netsh int ip set dns ipconfig /release ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew reset winsock netsh

  • Restart your computer after you’ve completed all of these instructions.
  • Once your PC has booted up, try running Discord to see if the Stuck at Connecting problem persists.

Fix 5: In the VPN, enable UDP (if using any)

VPN using User datagram protocol is more quicker and allows you to connect to the internet without errors. Discord only works with VPNs that support UDP, so if you’re using one on your computer, double-check that UDP is enabled.

If it isn’t enabled by default, you must activate it manually. To activate UDP in your VPN, first figure out which VPN you’re using on your Windows or Mac computer, then go to its knowledgebase and look for the instruction.

So that concludes our tutorial to resolving the vexing Discord problem. Please let us know which approach worked for you in resolving this issue. If none of these techniques were successful in resolving the issue, you may attempt a clean reinstall of Windows, which will undoubtedly cure the problem but may take a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial; please share it with your friends and stay tuned for more exciting content in the future.

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