New World XP | Best Way to Level Up Quickly – Guide Fall

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New World XP is a new game that will be released on September 25th, 2018. This guide will help you level up quickly!

The new world xp glitch is a bug that allows players to level up quickly. This guide will help you get the most out of your fall season.

New World has just been launched to a large player base, and everyone is eager to gain power. After all, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left in the dust when you suddenly join up with hundreds or even thousands of other players. We’ve all experienced the feeling of entering an MMO as a beginner and seeing everyone else perform like seasoned pros, but don’t panic! We’re here to show you how to get experience and level up your character fast.

Here’s How to Quickly Level Up in the New World

Completing tasks on the Town Project Board is the fastest method to level up in New World. Some of these tasks, such as purchasing a particular item from an auction house, may be completed quickly. When coupled with regular gaming, the XP bonuses are modest but frequent, and they’ll let you level up considerably quicker.

Aside from the Town Project Board, there are a variety of methods to get XP. Here are some of the finest methods to get a taste of farm life:

  • If you log out while in a settlement, you will get a rested XP boost. After login back into the game, you will get this reward.
  • When you complete missions and improve your town’s reputation, you will get extra XP.
  • While on your primary mission, pick up and complete side tasks.
  • Finishing faction tasks will provide you XP that is proportional to your area level, allowing you to earn extra XP for higher-level areas.
  • Any Daily Bonuses shown on the faction board earn bonus XP.
  • Your XP gains will increase as you level up your trade skills.
  • Take a swipe at a monster while other players are fighting it to earn XP after it is vanquished.
    • It’s essential to remember that doing so has no effect on the XP awarded to other players.

You should have no trouble leveling up your New World character fast with these techniques! Check out some of our other guides for additional information about New World:

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