DC’s Stargirl: Here’s Everything You Missed in “Summer School: Chapter Nine”

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“Summer School” is a comic book written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Phil Jimenez. The story follows the adventures of high school student Courtney Whitmore, who has been chosen to join the Justice Society of America after winning a contest.

Summer School: Chapter Nine is the latest installment of the DC’s Stargirl series. This chapter includes a lot of new information about Stargirl and how long she has been in the universe.


Eclipso targeted Beth last week on DC’s Stargirl, while Rick wound himself in prison after attacking his uncle in an Eclipso-powered hallucination. The evil creature turns his focus to Mike and Barbara this week in Summer School: Chapter Nine, while the storm in Blue Valley increases, and from what we’ve seen in previews, things are about to get chilly.

Mike and Barbara, however, will not be the only ones who will have to cope with terrible situations. Pat is reminded of terrible memories surrounding the team and its initial battle to take down Eclipso in this week’s episode, which includes a major flashback that will explore the Justice Society of America’s past. Guest actor John Wesley Shipp plays Jay Garrick/The Flash in this highly anticipated episode.

Do you want to catch up on the newest storyline developments in DC’s Stargirl? We’ve got your back. Continue reading for a complete spoiler-free review of “Summer School: Chapter Nine,” but if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to know everything, go back now. Beyond this point, there are many major spoilers. 

Several decades ago

“Decades ago,” the episode begins. Outside a home, a rainstorm starts, as an old record player plays inside, and Bruce Gordon stands in his study, drinking, telling Eclipso – who is in the diamond – that he wishes he had never brought him back from “that island.” Bruce feels remorseful for using Eclipso to get fame and riches at such a steep cost. Bruce reaches for a pistol, probably to murder himself, after Eclipso teases him and urges him to put the diamond down if he really wants to be free of him. Eclipso assures him that he has the power to improve his situation, including reuniting with the lady he loves. Eclipso persuades Bruce that the only thing separating him from his love, Mona, is another guy. All Bruce needs to do now is relinquish power to Eclipso. Bruce does so, and Eclipso assumes command.



As the storm approaches Blue Valley today, the weather continues to deteriorate. Everyone at the American Dream is being sent back to their homes. Pat and Mike assemble a box of storm supplies at home so they can transport it downstairs. Courtney informs Pat that Rick’s hearing has been canceled, and that she and Beth are no longer waiting to go after him since Eclipso is becoming stronger. Pat informs her that they are unprepared. Pat is transported back in time when she notices a yellow rose on the table.

A funeral, especially for Rebeca McNider, comes to mind. After the funeral, the Justice Society meets to discuss how to deal with Eclipso, and Jay Garrick comes up to speak with them about it, while Dr. McNider’s wife suffers a nervous breakdown by the cemetery. Pat returns to his house in the present and discovers a casket in the dining room surrounded by yellow flowers. Pat shuts his eyes as the casket opens, attempting to exorcise the illusion, but he can hear someone shouting “lie” at him from afar.


Getting ready for the storm

Mike hears Courtney and Beth discussing how they will deal with Eclipso upstairs. As the weather becomes cooler, he brings sleeping bags down to the kitchen where he can’t locate Pat. While the staff glows behind him, Pat has gone down to the basement to heal the minor cut he received from the yellow rose.

Pat speaks to Sylvester in the memory and says he wants to assist Dr. McNider achieve justice. Pat would like to be a part of the team to assist with this. They quickly notice The Shade keeping an eye on them. Sylvester dismisses Pat and returns to the garage to speak with him. Pat attempts to catch up, but they’ve both vanished.

As the storm worsens, Barbara’s vehicle fails while driving home.


How to Get Rid of Eclipso

Pat begins poring through old JSA files, searching for pictures of himself and Starman. Pat is working on his vehicle in the garage when Sylvester arrives, a little startled. Eclipso, according to The Shade, is a psychic parasite, an extraterrestrial entity that Bruce Gordon had discovered and possessed. Sylvester describes what Eclipso is capable of, as well as how The Shade ordered him to halt it. The Shade seems to be terrified by Eclipso, describing it as “really wicked.” The only method to stop Eclipso is to kill the host, since when the host dies, Eclipso is driven back into the Black Diamond, where he is impotent as long as it stays undisturbed. Pat opposes murdering since it violates the JSA code, and Sylvester seems to concur that there is always an alternative.


Things start to become cold.

Mike is becoming chilly upstairs, despite the fact that the house is at a comfortable temperature. A knock comes at the door, and he rushes to answer it, only to discover Cameron Mahkent. Cameron claims he was trapped in the storm and had no other option. He inquires about Courtney’s whereabouts before moving on to Barbara’s. Barbara is still stranded in her vehicle, unable to exit or start it. Jordan Mahkent appears in her backseat, despite the fact that she has no mobile reception. The vehicle begins to freeze over.

Cameron teases Mike about his actual mother leaving him at the home, claiming that he knows Mike murdered Jordan and that Jordan isn’t dead. He’s now with Barbara. Cameron uses his ice abilities to murder the household dog. As Jordan threatens to punish her for hurting him, Barbara attempts to persuade herself that what she’s seeing isn’t real and that it’s all Eclipso in the vehicle.

Barbara is told by The Shade in the vehicle that nothing she sees is genuine and that her car is OK. He instructs her to start the vehicle, and the delusion goes away. Barbara drives away when he instructs her to go home. Mike argues with Cameron at home, who tells him he’s worthless, that he’s despised by the JSA and his own mother. When Courtney returns downstairs, she notices Mike is experiencing hallucinations. She has him touch the staff, which jolts him out of his stupor. Buddy the dog is in good health.


Blood that refuses to be washed away

Pat takes up Starman’s uniform in the basement and notices that he’s bleeding. Eclipso – as Bruce Gordon – is immediately behind him as he goes to wash his hands. We’ve returned to recollection because the blood refuses to wash away. All four heroes arrive to the garage: Starman, Flash, Wildcat, and Hourman. They need him as a potential tie-breaker vote. The JSA has been devastated by Eclipso. Eclipso defeated Freelancer, the Spectre, Dr. Fate, and the Hawks, promising to go after the rest of them and their families as well. Their only choice seems to be to kill the host. Pat and The Flash don’t want to murder anybody, but Wildcat is determined to do it. He, like Hourman, votes yes. Pat, like The Flash, casts a no vote. Sylvester, who shocks Pat by voting yes, wins the vote. Jay informs him that he will not participate, and Sylvester assures him that he will not be forced to. Pat declares that he will not participate as well, but Sylvester would not allow him to do so. Pat hears Bruce and turns around as he shoots a pistol at him in the present. As Bruce prepares to shoot Pat, Hourman, Starman, and Wildcat appear behind him, but Courtney arrives with the crew just in time.


The bleak reality

In a flashback, Pat reveals to Courtney how the JSA really stopped Eclipso. We’ve returned to Bruce Gordon’s home after the opening. Pat waits outside in the vehicle as Starman enters, shaken but carrying a package. Starman’s uniform is stained with blood, but he assures Pat that he’s right: the JSA should never take a life. Starman has the Black Diamond in a box and informs him that it must be transported to storage. He refuses to speak about what happened.

Pat informs Courtney that the squad disbanded after that and only reassembled when the ISA arrived. Pat claims that it was the assassination of Bruce Gordon that shattered the JSA, leading to their defeat and destruction at the hands of the ISA. Even while her own friends were being killed by Eclipso, Courtney confronts Pat for lying to her. Pat also discloses that Barbara is aware of the situation, making Courtney feel doubly deceived. When she returns home, Courtney confronts Barbara, creating a split in the family. Bruce, the little boy, stands outside, watching and laughing.


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