10 Best Laptop Brands In 2022

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Laptops have gone through many iterations since their introduction in the 60s, but 2019 will see a new wave of innovation with more powerful processors and longer battery life. This list includes some laptops that are anticipated to be released soon.

The “best laptop brands 2021” is a list of 10 laptops that are predicted to be the best in 2022. The most popular laptop brand in this list is Apple, which has been dominating the market for years.

It’s a no-brainer that a laptop is a must-have necessity of your life because your job takes a breath on it, whether you’re a student, company owner, digital nomad, or simply a person who loves to carry about his workstation wherever and whenever he wants.

When you go out to get a laptop, a plethora of laptops from different companies appear, which might be perplexing, right?

If it sounds similar, stay reading until the end; this article will answer all of your long-standing questions!

The 10 Best Laptop Brands to Consider When Buying a Laptop | Review, Benefits, and Drawbacks

We’ve examined the 10 best laptop brands (together with their pros and downsides) below after personally trying and testing them:

1. Dell | Lightweight, ultra-portable, and cost-effective


Dell is a laptop manufacturer that is recognized for its low-cost laptops. No one, however, can compete with Dell laptop workhorses in terms of design, built-in material quality, and usefulness.

Laptops are available for both budget and non-budget customers.

Dell does not fail its customers when it comes to providing lightweight laptops for students, company owners, commuters, and digital nomads who like carrying their devices about.

In our opinion, Dell’s top-of-the-line laptops include the Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware models.

Without a doubt, the Inspiron series is ideal for budget purchasers, while the XPS is ideal for high-end laptop users. 

(With Dell’s Alienware laptop line, gamers can soothe their gaming souls!)

In conclusion, Dell is a great Windows laptop brand that incorporates all of the desirable characteristics such as touchscreens, strong microprocessors, long battery life, and, last but not least, backlit keyboards.

We discovered the lone plain design, which may be a turnoff for some.

1. HP | High-End Laptops, Slim Convertibles, and AMOLED Displays!


HP (a.k.a. Hewlett-Packard!) is a world-renowned computer manufacturer and software developer with a large global client base.

With their outstanding gaming machines, HP has wreaked havoc on the market; they also have a line of laptops with AMOLED panels that are fantastic for their task.

In addition to convertibles and fanless laptops, their product line includes gaming laptops, detachable 2-in-1s, just-basic notebooks, and high-performance power workhorses.

HP is also regarded for giving excellent value for money when it comes to high-end workhorses, as seen by the HP Spectre, HP Omen, and HP ZBook laptop lines. 

The HP Spectre and HP Envy laptop line caught our attention because of its eye-catching elegant, beautiful, and seductive aesthetics.

Pavilion, Chromebook, ProBook, and, last but not least, Elitebook are some of HP’s notable laptop lines. Yes, our team tested and discovered that HP is an all-arounder when it comes to warranty (3+ years) and customer service!

3. Lenovo | Laptops for Students, Business, and Gaming


We’ve included Lenovo on our list as well – yes, we’re evaluating that high-end student, business, and gaming laptop manufacturer!

Lenovo is a Chinese firm that manufactures and distributes amazing computers all over the world. They sell laptops for a variety of uses, including business, gaming, and education.

Lenovo’s Thinkpad and Ideapad laptop lines are the industry’s most powerful business laptops for professionals. Despite this, Lenovo’s Yoga & Flex series are a great choice for anyone looking for a portable computer.

They excel in graphics keyboards, touchpads, display, and, last but not least, audio quality, in addition to battery time.

It features a fantastic customer service system that wowed our crew. For each of their gadget issues, they have a separate tech support department.

Lenovo also has the physical technology to provide the finest possible service to its consumers by offering a legitimate warranty on a variety of goods.

4. Apple | Sleek Design + Display, Superior Build Quality, and Class Booster

Finally, we have another well-known brand on our list that is well-known among the general public all over the globe because to its sensuous design, very eye-enchanting Apple logo, and amazing build quality.

Apple (a.k.a. Apple Computer, Inc.) is a corporation that produces laptops, tablets, phones, and desktops that are pre-loaded with macOS, a one-of-a-kind operating system.

(MacOS is for Macs and laptops, whereas iOS is for smartphones and tablets!)

Want to feel at ease, powerful, and superior when socializing with your friends? Then Apple is the high-end brand that can handle everything for you.

Apple isn’t simply recognized for its high-end products; it also provides simple-to-use interfaces that even non-techies can utilize.

Why are you doing this?

It’s because Apple’s operating system is mostly error-free and built to make life easier for its consumers.

The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are laptops that have gained widespread acclaim.

Our team felt that Apple is a reputable brand for laptops after viewing their amazing 24/7 customer care (through calls, emails, and live chat!). 

5. Acer | A Wide Range of Low-Cost Laptops

On our list, we have another another well-known laptop brand. Acer is a Taiwanese computer manufacturer that primarily produces laptops, PCs, and convertibles that are sold all over the world.

Our crew liked that they provide a wide choice of laptops to choose from: from budget purchasers to high-end clients, from gaming fanatics to workaholics, they have something for everyone.

Acer laptops provide exceptional value and battery life, ensuring that your purchase is safe and advantageous. It’s incredible that they don’t come with hefty pricing, while having a long list of specs and great performance.

Acer’s Chromebooks are also reasonably priced, beginning at $150. For budget shoppers, this is the holy grail.

Despite this, they offer a gaming-specific laptop range called Acer Predator, Acer Nitro 5, and Acer Nitro 7.

Acer also has exceptional customer support, with representatives available through live chat, email, or phone. You may also contact them by visiting one of their physical customer service facilities.

6. ASUS | Attractive Design for Low-Cost Devices

If price is your primary concern, ASUS is the brand for you since it is recognized for producing the most cost-effective but gorgeous laptops on the market.

ASUS Chromebooks, in particular, are well suited to the budget-conscious shopper.

Although, at one time, ASUS was not very well-known throughout the world, it has since grown in popularity. However, they rose to prominence in this decade only as a result of their low-cost, appealing computers.

The ASUS Zenbook 13 laptop, according to our research, has a gorgeous design, a long battery life, and a 1080p screen that everyone may want.

When it comes to inexpensive laptops, ASUS clearly outperforms all other manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft, and others.

For around $300, even their most basic workhorse offers tremendous value, with an HD display, 4+ hours of battery life, and outstanding build quality. This implies you can acquire a laptop even if you have a limited budget.

The ROG series from ASUS also meets gamers’ desires. The Tuf laptop series is designed primarily for business users.

After purchasing an ASUS laptop, you may reach out to their tech support service by phone, live chat, or email.

ASUS delivers outstanding customer support via their actual customer help-centric centers with no difficulty at all, including accidental or spill protection on many of their gadgets.

7. MSI | High-End Gaming Rigs with Superior Build Quality and a Powerful Processor

MSI (formerly known as Microsoft Installer) is a gaming-focused company noted for its high-end laptops, notebook PCs, desktop PCs, motherboards, and graphics cards.

MSI has been assisting gamers in playing high-quality graphics games since 1986, and it is the focal point of all gaming spirits throughout the globe. Needless to say, all MSI laptops are high-end gaming laptops with high-performance features that come at a premium price.

(But not for those on a tight budget!)

We discovered all-rounder sturdy gaming systems in MSI’s GS65 Stealth Thin, PS63 Modern, and, last but not least, GP73 Leopard.

Another benefit we discovered is that MSI is always up for developing appealing and unique laptop designs, and they never fail to deliver.

MSI laptops are almost all equipped with high-end hardware, graphics cards, and high-performance microprocessors, making it an unrivaled gaming laptop brand.

Their tech assistance was the one thing that our team found to be a turn-off. MSI must realize that they must improve it and make it accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the convenience of their customers.

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The “best laptop 2020 for students” is a list of the best laptop brands in 2022. The list includes Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laptop in the world 2022?

A: The best laptop in the world is a computer, or an electronic device which has been designed to be used by one person at a time and is small enough to carry with them.

Which laptop is best for future?

A: The best laptop for the future is an ultrabook.

What is the best laptop brand 2021?

A: The best laptop brand 2021 is typically a top-of-the range, high performance computer with all the required components. In short, its something that will be able to do everything you want in terms of productivity and gaming.

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