Whatever happened to The Exiled (formerly known as Das Tal)?

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For a little over a year, a group of about a dozen volunteers from the group Das Tal have been gathering together on a regular basis to play a videogame, similar to a board game, called “We The People”. The Exiled was a signature game for Das Tal, which also included online discussions about the game.

The Exiled was a semi-anonymous blogger who went on to become a large and long-lasting presence in the world of indie video games, and is also known as Das Tal, which is his real name. He gained a lot of fans through the site, which provided a place for independent game developers to share their games, and was well-known for providing a veritable treasure trove of information about the indie scene, especially for those who were not part of it. You can read his blog here.

After the success of the first four games in the Das Tal franchise, the fifth installment was released in 2007, followed by 2009’s Das Tal 5. Both games were claimed by the publisher to be “true to their roots” with regards to gameplay, environment, and story. But the gaming world has changed since 2007, and now Das Tal 5 looks painfully outdated. Sadly, the developers are no longer working on any further titles in the series.

Now is the winter of our discontent.

Do you recall the film The Exiled? What about its original name, Das Tal? If you answered yes to either question, you may recall a PvP-focused MMO that was once widely anticipated before it was released. Since its debut, the game has been very quiet, with some player count issues, and the last time we looked at it was in 2018, when we observed that gamers were already declaring the game effectively dead.

The good news is that the game isn’t completely dead; you can still log in and play it. However, anybody hoping to see the basic condition of the game develop or improve over time has had a tough time in the years afterwards.

Lead developer Alexander Zacherl said on the game’s Steam forum that the whole development team would love to bring the game back and revive it, but that the most that can be done at this time is to keep the servers running while everyone works on other projects. Zacherl’s Twitter profile indicates that he is now employed at DeepMind, an AI research firm. He also claims that the crew is still searching for methods to resurrect the game, but that none of them have worked out for different unknown reasons.

As a result, the game’s servers are limping along, but fans may still play. However, it seems that this will be the game’s final destiny, with the servers remaining operational but no chance of further updates or fixes. We send our sympathies to the development team as well as the athletes.


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