Best SNES Emulators To Use For 2021

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The Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, as it is most commonly known) is one of the most iconic video game systems of all time. With the Super Nintendo (Super NES), Nintendo expanded upon the original hardware and introduced new features such as a CD player and two-player mode. So what about the future? Will we see the SNES mini or the Nintendo NX this year? Will we see the next line of NES emulators?

If you’re still rocking an SNES or just looking to get into retro gaming, then you have a ton of options to choose from. SNES Classic, the SNES Classic Mini, the RetroN 5, RetroArch, and RetroArch Xy are all great emulators for the SNES, but which one is the best?

SNES emulation has been in the limelight in recent months, thanks to the massive success of the Nintendo Switch. One of the Switch’s most impressive features is the ability to run all your favorite SNES games—from Super Mario World to Super Metroid—on the device’s hardware. But SNES emulation is nothing new—the SNES has been emu’sed since the early 2000’s, when Nintendo officially released the console to its fans. Here are the best SNES emulators to use if you want to relive the 16-bit era.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, is a video game system that was released in the 1990s. The 16-bit device was created by Nintendo and sold worldwide via different networks. The SNES classic games, which were launched on the system, fought hard in the 32-bit gaming console period, competing head-to-head with Sega’s Genesis. 

With the sorrowful termination of the SNES video game system in 2003, the renowned lineup of SNES, commonly referred to as Super NES, had left a string of disappointed admirers behind. 

StarFox, Kirby, Punch-Out, Super Mario World, Zelda, and a slew of other titles were among the console’s most memorable titles. Despite this, there are about 20 SNES classic games. 

Do you wish to rekindle your gaming passion while these timeless games are still available? Why not use a virtual machine?

What is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator?

A SNES emulator is a piece of software that allows you to run SNES games on many platforms. It implies that console games may now be emulated and played on a different platform, such as a PC or an Android phone. 

The following are some of the finest SNES emulators for playing vintage console games on a PC, Mac, or Android device:

Emulators for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) for PC, Mac, and Android

  • BizHawk
  • UE Nestopia
  • Mednafen
  • 16th Century Super Retro

BizHawk (BizHawk) (BizHa

BizHawk, Best SNES Emulators

BizHawk has the eyes of a hawk, and he’s seen that a segment of the gaming community is agitated. As a result, people strive to complete the game in the quickest time feasible. As a result, the free-to-use emulator, which is the most appropriate program for Windows PC users, has been developed to offer the speedruns that gamers want. 

It works with a variety of different console titles, including several Nintendo video game console versions. A key mapping option is also accessible, thanks to the tool-assisted speedrun. 



ZSNES is a totally free piece of software that works well on both Windows and Linux computers. The ZSNES emulator is extremely easy to use because to its user-friendly aspect, allowing nearly all types of games contained in the treasure trove of SNES vintage titles.

The program has gone a long way from its 1997 debut, when it was panned for its disputed inaccuracy, to be generally accepted and admired for its elaborate stealthiness. It also has a large number of pleasant features, such as visual enhancement, game slot saving, and an up-to-date gaming list for all players to utilize.

3. UE Nestopia

The program is completely free to download and has excellent compatibility with Windows, Linux, and macOS users. The Super NES emulator, which is known for its accuracy and dependability, is notable for its ability to show elements like textile scaling and netplay as well as multiplayer gaming. 

Cheats are readily accessible because to the cheat dashboard’s user-friendly advanced mechanism. Other features include auto game slot saving, palette requirements, VSync, Famicom Mic compatibility, and the smallest possible delays. The program is the most user-friendly and offers the simplest setup. Plug-in compatibility is also available on the gamepad, which has four ports. 

4. Mednafen is a drug that is used to treat a variety of


The front-end version command line input-based multiple-system Mednafen, widely regarded as the best appropriate asset for Windows in the field of SNES emulators, offers an extremely absorbing experience when playing games. It is, without a doubt, an open-source and fully free platform. 

Along with the ability to save gaming slot statistics, the user can also take snapshots or screenshots while playing, as well as real-time game rewinding, which is uncommon, and support for the PNG file format, another uncommon feature, making it a perfect emulator for not only the SNES but also a variety of other platforms. 

The third-party emulation software, which comes with an OpenGL and SDL package, also works with other Nintendo series game consoles. 

Super Retro 16 (#5)

Super Retro 16 tries its attempt at capturing the full console experience, wishing to transport you back to the 1990s via its explicit features of totally immersing the player in it. 

The amicable emulator is best suited for android smartphones and streaming of games with brightness radiating visuals since it is straightforward and easy to use. The emulator supports a number of file formats in addition to having a large library of games. When connected with Bluetooth controllers, the appealing cloud-syncing function takes on an immaculate appearance. 

Super Retro 16 emulator can smoothly stream games across a range of platforms without losing their uniqueness, giving a broader view of the huge ROMs and permission to adopt them. 



Although it is one of the oldest SNES emulators available, its compatibility is not as ancient as it seems. The buttery smooth program supports the Windows and Linux operating systems very smoothly and quickly, and it is completely free to use. 

The emulator’s goal is to improve the immersiveness and game-playing experience for users by improving the emulator’s performance when streaming games, as well as its accuracy. 

In comparison to other emulators on the market, the program offers the simplest method of game play, as well as high-end explicit visuals for streaming games.

Bonus: The SNES9X and SNES9x EX+ are the finest SNES emulators available for Windows and Android platforms, respectively. They’re also an excellent option because of their portable freeware features!

Good luck with your game!

These are some of the SNES emulators that are compatible enough to provide you with the same three-dimensional experience and excitement as the original gaming system. RetroArch, Higan, John NESS, and OpenEmu are some more emulators to consider. 

Please keep in mind that using emulators excessively may harm the health of your computer or mobile device. Because emulators operate against the laws of the operating system on which the applications run, this is the case. As a result, continual deployment will result in visible computer or mobile device damage. 

Let us know what you think of these incredible SNES emulators in the comments!

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Alternatives to Bluestacks are also available.

When the SNES Classic was released, one of the most common debates among retro gamers was which emulator is best. SNES emulation is a huge field with a lot of different software out there, and a lot of people have different opinions. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to review all the best SNES emulators and compiled a list for you! So, if you want the best SNES emulator, download it and start playing some of your favorite games!. Read more about zsnes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Super Mario emulator?

The best Super Mario emulator is the one that works with your PC.

Is there a SNES emulator?

There is no SNES emulator.

Is SNES9x legal?

SNES9x is not legal.

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