Warriors GM Bob Myers Finally Responds to Draymond Green’s Damning Comments About Him and Seems Surprisingly Unbothered: ‘I Love That Guy’

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Warriors GM Bob Myers finally responded to Draymond Green’s comments about him and seems surprisingly unbothered. “I love that guy,” he said, “and I think he loves me.”

The warriors gm is a person who manages the team of professional basketball players. Bob Myers, the Warriors’ general manager, has finally responded to Draymond Green’s recent comments about him and seems surprisingly unbothered.

A few months ago, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant shattered the internet with an uncensored, honest interview about their time together on the Golden State Warriors. The two superstars discussed what made those championship teams unique, their notorious sideline brawl, and Durant’s departure.

Green slammed Warriors general manager Bob Myers for his involvement in the Durant split during the interview. After a few months, Myers eventually reacted in an unexpected manner.

In a Kevin Durant interview, Draymond Green blasted Bob Myers.

It was simple to point to Durant’s heated disagreement with Green as the reason for his choice when he departed the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

With time running down in a tie game against the Los Angeles Clippers in February of 2018, Green collected a rebound and refused to give the ball to Durant. Green fumbled the ball before the Warriors could take a game-winning jumper, and Durant was furious. After exchanging words on the bench, their teammates had to separate them.

Green and Durant discussed the incident on an episode of Bleacher Report’s “Chips” a few months ago. Green said flatly that his spat with Durant wasn’t a big issue, and that he despised the way Myers and head coach Steve Kerr handled the situation.

“It wasn’t the debate; it was the way everyone pretended it hadn’t happened,” Green said. “Steve Kerr pretended it never happened.” Bob Myers attempted to punish you in the hopes of putting the mask over everything. That was a huge circumstance for us as a group, in my opinion. We went through something similar the first time. “We had to get all of that s*** out.”

“I and [Durant] are the only ones who can make this right, and there’s nothing y’all can do, and y’all are going to f*** this up.” And they f***** it up, in my view.”

Bob Myers, the Warriors’ general manager, reacts in an unexpected way.

Green’s scathing remarks have been making the rounds on the internet for almost two months. Last weekend, Myers, who is still the Warriors’ general manager, had the opportunity to react in an interview with Frank Isola and Brian Scalabrine on Sirius XM NBA Radio.

He didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

“I haven’t even mentioned anything to him,” Myers added. “No, I haven’t.” Let’s pretend I’m really familiar with this individual. Let’s suppose he mentioned anything to you about me. My connection with him is so much more than that, and if it worried me, I would say anything, but I know Draymond. He was drafted by me. He reminded me of my first draft. When he was suspended for the Finals in Oakland, I sat with him. I did not attend the game. At the Oakland Athletics game, I sat next to him.”

That’s one of my favorite guys. It’ll take a lot more than that, and he’s free to express himself. Kevin is as well. With him, I’ve gone through much too much.

That man has helped us win three championships. I’m not going to be angry about it. The positive that he and Kevin have done for me and the business much outweighs anything else.

Bob Myers

It seems that everything is well in Golden State’s neighborhood.

A successful partnership

Bob Myers and Draymond Green still have a strong relationship. Bob Myers, general manager of the Golden State Warriors, and Draymond Green pose with the NBA Championship trophies from 2015 and 2017 | Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group/Getty Images

Since 2011, Myers has been a member of the Warriors. He had a key role in the selection of Draymond Green in the 2012 NBA Draft, and the two have had a lot of success together since then.

With Myers and Green in the building, Golden State has reached the NBA Finals five times and won three titles. Over the past decade, the two have developed a unique relationship, so one disparaging remark won’t derail all they’ve accomplished.

Despite recent turmoil, Myers and Green are eager to pursue their fourth NBA title together in the 2021-22 NBA season, and their bond is stronger than ever.

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