Top 10 NBA Point Guards For The 2021

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The NBA is a league that has been dominated by point guards for decades now. In 2021, the top 10 point guards in the league will be as follows: 1) Kyrie Irving 2) Chris Paul 3) Damian Lillard 4) Kemba Walker 5) Mike Conley Jr. 6) Stephen Curry 7) John Wall 8) Russell Westbrook 9) Kyle Lowry 10) Ben Simmons

The top nba point guards 2021 is a list of the top 10 NBA Point Guards for the 2021 season. The list includes players from all over the world and has many different styles of play.

The NBA season in 2022 is rapidly approaching, with the preseason well underway. The next season, based on what we saw last year, is going to be very interesting. The primary reason is that there are a plethora of NBA superstars with exceptional abilities at their respective positions. The point guard position is one of the most loaded in the NBA right now, with a plethora of players capable of scoring and assisting the ball at a high level.

It’s time to rate the top-10 greatest point guards in the league for the 20221-2022 NBA season. The rankings are based on a body of work from the previous several seasons, professional performance, and (most crucially) what to anticipate in the future season. From Game 1 of the regular season on, we’ll likely see one of the NBA’s top players battle the best shooter of all time at the point guard position, which will be exciting to watch.

Special Mention

De’Aaron Fox is a professional basketball player.


Source: USA Today

Because of his quickness, De’Aaron Fox is a unique point guard. Fox has lightning speed and can sprint from one end of the floor to the other in a couple of seconds. The 6’3″ point guard is without a doubt the Kings’ franchise player, and he continues to improve.

Last season, Fox averaged 25.2 points per game and 7.2 assists per game, obviously All-Star statistics for a 23-year-old rising star. If Fox’s outside shooting (32.6 percent for his career) continues to develop, he may be a top-10 NBA guard with incredible talent and agility.

Ja Morant, number ten


Because of his incredible athleticism, Ja Morant has been compared to Russell Westbrook, an accolade he will gladly accept. Because of his jumper, Morant has a potential to be better than Westbrook in many aspects. The Grizzlies’ franchise player already has a lifetime 31.7 percent three-point shooting percentage, which surpasses Westbrook’s.

Morant is a high-octane, self-assured player who can be intimidating at times. That’s why the 22-year-old led Memphis to the playoffs in just his second season, and he’ll be vying for an All-Star berth in the Western Conference in 2022. It will not, however, be simple for the young guy to succeed.

The dynamic guard is improving year by year, but the West currently has a lot of quality at his position. That’s why Morant is just the league’s 10th best point guard, despite the fact that his potential may propel him into the top five in no time. Expect the Memphis Grizzlies player to develop as the year progresses, as he will rise in the rankings.

9. Jrue Vacation


Jrue Holiday, the NBA champion, is one of the league’s most underrated players because he plays lockdown defense while still possessing a formidable offensive arsenal. Holiday averaged 17.7 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, and 6.1 assists per game for the Bucks, who won the NBA title last season.

Holiday was just as important in the playoffs, averaging 17.3 points and 8.7 assists per game while playing outstanding defense. Even in the playoffs, when the guard struggled from the perimeter (40.6 percent FG and 30.3 percent 3-PT FG), he always found a way to be successful.

That is the measure of true All-Star potential, particularly as the third wheel behind Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. Many questioned Milwaukee’s choice to spend a lot of money to get Jrue Holiday last year, but it paid out in the end. Holiday is a top-10 point guard in the NBA since he is part of a Big Three in Milwaukee.

Trae Young (#8)


Credit: Associated Press

Trae Young is a fantastic offensive player that improves year after year. The point guard’s performance and leadership helped the Atlanta Hawks reach the Eastern Conference Finals last season, and there’s no reason why they can’t do it again this year.

Young has already put up 24.1 points per game and 8.9 assists per game in just three seasons of play, and the 23-year-old is only getting started. He averaged 28.8 points per game and 9.5 assists per game in the playoffs in 2021, which are impressive statistics for such a little player.

Young may be the next Stephen Curry in terms of outside shooting and handling, which means we could be on the verge of seeing the emergence of a future Hall of Famer. Young, on the other hand, is still outside the top five in his position in the league till then.

Russell Westbrook (#7)


Russell Westbrook is underrated in the NBA because of how simple he makes the game seem at times, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a top-10 point guard. Last year, Westbrook averaged a triple-double with 22.2 points per game, 11.5 rebounds per game, and 11.7 assists per game.

Although the future Hall of Famer will be evaluated on how he plays in the playoffs, there is no reason why Westbrook should not produce comparable statistics this year. Westbrook’s legacy will be elevated to new heights if the Lakers can win a championship.

Because there are so many really great players in their prime right now, Westbrook is rated seventh in the NBA. In a few months, the triple-double master will be 33, implying that his performance may begin to wane.

Ben Simmons is number six.


Hunting for Bosses

Whatever one may think of Ben Simmons’ demeanor or lack of development as a shooter, the guy is a one-of-a-kind talent. Aside from jump shooting and free-throw shooting, the 6’11” point guard plays the game at a breakneck speed and excels at everything on the court.

Last year in the playoffs, Simmons had the lowest free throw % in NBA history, but it should not detract from his domination as a defender and playmaker. Simmons averaged 14.3 points per game, 7.2 rebounds per game, and 6.9 assists per game last season, and we expect see an increase in these statistics wherever he goes next season.

Nobody knows where Simmons will finish up, but when he plays his game, he has a good chance of making the All-Star Team. In Philadelphia, he never clicked with Joel Embiid, but it should not detract from his ability as an all-around great.

Kyrie Irving (#5)


New York Post photo

Kyrie Irving is without a doubt one of the best point guards in the league. Kyrie can win Brooklyn games on his own at times, even if his ability to remain focused and healthy is in doubt. Despite not having his mind in the game for the most of the year, the future Hall of Famer averaged 26.9 points per game.

Irving can dribble like no other player in NBA history, and he continues to excite the NBA world anytime he is on the court. Remember, Irving was the guy who hit the game-winning shot in the 2016 Finals, so he’ll be a player to watch in the playoffs.

When he’s at his best, Kyrie can play like a top-three point guard in the NBA and take over games on his own. Irving’s value will be lowered by playing alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden (who have a combined 7 scoring championships), but he may be the greatest offensive third option in NBA history.

Chris Paul is number four.


(Photo courtesy of

Chris Paul’s illustrious career continues to grow. When Paul joined with the Suns, the club took on a whole new persona. Paul’s abilities as a leader is frequently praised by former teammates because he improves everyone around him. Chris Paul, on the other hand, is a natural winner.

The Suns may have lost in the Finals last season, but that doesn’t mean their season is over. Deandre Ayton is just 23, Devin Booker is only 24, and Chris Paul is still one of the best players in the NBA. If Chris Paul can win an NBA championship, he might be a top-three point guard of all time.

However, CP3 is already a Hall of Famer, and his leadership alone puts him in the top five. Phoenix will be one of the teams to watch next season, thanks to his ability to make Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton play like All-Stars. It won’t be easy for Chris Paul and company to reach the NBA Finals, but don’t count them out.

Lillard, Damian


Damian Lillard is a dynamic offensive player who can score the ball at will. Last season, Portland’s franchise player averaged 28.8 points per game on 39.1 percent three-point shooting, making him a danger as soon as he crosses half-court. The only problem is that he has never been a part of a winning squad.

Portland has attempted to create a contender around Dame Dolla, but the Western Conference is much too competitive. Multiple first-round exits have dampened Portland’s spirits, and the loss of Carmelo Anthony may be particularly painful.

CJ McCollum, the team’s franchise superstar, is still on the roster. Regardless, the 31-year-old superstar will be a top-3 point guard in the league and will almost certainly be the subject of trade speculations throughout the season.

Luka Doncic is ranked second.


courtesy of USATSI

Luka Doncic is not just the Mavericks’ point guard, but also the center of their universe. No player bears the nightly responsibility like Luka does right now, since he has been keeping a lottery club alive. With the additions of sharpshooters Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown, Dallas has made a small improvement, but Luka needs more.

Regardless, Doncic will be a frontrunner for the MVP award from the start of the season. While leading the Mavericks to the playoffs, the Slovenian averaged 27.7 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 8.6 assists per game. Doncic averaged 35.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 10.3 assists per game while exceeding 40 miles per hour in the first round against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Luka has shown that he can win a playoff series on his own, and he is just one guy away from being named the NBA’s top point guard. Dallas may be a surprise for a top-4 seed in the Western Conference if the Slovenian can receive the assistance he needs from Kristaps Porzingis next season.

Stephen Curry is number one.


Is there anybody else here? Last season, Stephen Curry missed the playoffs but still led the league in scoring with 32.0 points per game, a career best. The Golden State Warriors are back in business as championship contenders, thanks to Klay Thompson’s return to form.

Stephen Curry, the best shooter on the world, is at the center of it all. Curry shot 42.1 percent from three-point range and 91.6 percent from the free-throw line last season, and we should anticipate similar statistics this year. Curry will be 34 years old at some point next season, so winning additional awards is a race against time.

When he’s in a groove, the 6’3″ point guard maestro is unguardable, and he’s by far the greatest player at his position. Curry has a potential to be in the MVP and scoring races if the Warriors can regain their championship form, which is a testimony to his brilliance.


Since 2010, Stephen Curry has been regarded as one of the best point guards in the world.

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The Top 10 power forwards 2021 is a list of the top 10 point guards in the NBA for the year 2021. Reference: top 10 power forwards 2021.

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The best point guard in NBA 2021 is Kyrie Irving.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the number 1 point guard in NBA?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Stephen Curry is the number 1 point guard in NBA.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is JA Morant a top 10 point guard?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I am not able to answer this question.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best point guard in NBA 2021?

The best point guard in NBA 2021 is Kyrie Irving.

Who is the number 1 point guard in NBA?

Stephen Curry is the number 1 point guard in NBA.

Is JA Morant a top 10 point guard?

I am not able to answer this question.

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