This costume got The full attention of Captain Kirk himself

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The costume got the full attention of Captain Kirk himself, who was so impressed that he took a photo with the cosplayer.

The sherry jackson net worth is a costume that got the full attention of Captain Kirk himself.

Sherry Jackson as Andrea on ‘Star Trek’

CBS Andrea is played by Sherry Jackson in the Star Trek series.

In the eyes of fans and designers, the guy who designed virtually every famous outfit for “Star Trek” is a legend. William Ware Theiss designed the Enterprise crew’s attire, as well as the appearance of everyone on all of the worlds the ship visited. The monster and alien costumes designed by Wah Ming Chang were the only pieces of clothing that Theiss did not design himself.

His designs were so excellent, in fact, that J.J. Abrams based his reboot series’ costumes on Theiss’ designs from the 1960s. The same goes for the forthcoming “Strange New Worlds” series, which, according to the plot, will take place before “The Original Series.”

Theiss was a diligent worker who could be very private, according to Herb and Yvette Solow. The Solows characterize him as “solitary” in their book “Star Trek Sketchbook.”

“Those who worked with him frequently commented on his work ethic, which consisted of one seemingly obsessive and inhuman premise: ‘Stop when all work is done – and not before,’” the Solows wrote. “As one would expect, this did not endear him to many of his former wardrobe men and women, but it did win him the admiration of his colleagues.”

Because he was the executive producer of the first two seasons of “The Original Series,” Herb Solow would know exactly how Theiss worked.

Because Theiss was under extreme time constraints to produce those outfits and uniforms for a weekly television program, he relied on nonunion labor. As the 2008 Writers’ Strike showed, this kind of stuff is divisive in Hollywood. Theiss “rented an apartment near the studio where nonunion seamstresses labored nightly to create costumes,” according to the GeekTwins. They’d sneak them into the studio via a rear window in the morning.” Whether it was correct or not, this strategy succeeded. 

‘What Do Little Girls Consist Of?’

What Are Little Girls Made Of is a classic Star Trek game. “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” is the tenth teaser trailer from Season One. 2712.42006-11-21T23:41:02Z (Stardate)

Theiss produced some of the most unusual looks for “Star Trek” guest stars when the program was on the air. The one worn by actress Sherry Jackson in the episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” was at the top of the list.

This case has received a lot of attention. This outfit was described as “skimpy” by our pals at RedShirtsAlwaysDie. Jackson, on the other hand, said that the suit required “some mechanical engineering effort.” 

Jackson played Andrea, an android who was one among several artificial life forms met by Captain Kirk (William Shatner) in the episode.

She informed that she made her own modifications to the outfit. 

In the interview, Jackson stated, “I created the split up the front of the leg on it.” “I’m just 5-foot-4, so I wanted to make myself seem taller. That gave me a taller appearance. The costume has now taken on a mystical quality. Hip-huggers were also not popular at the time, but they reportedly became popular following the incident. I’m sure that had something to do with ‘Star Trek.’”

Thanks to the costume, Jackson landed a role.

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Jackson said in an interview with The Spectrum that she was most known for her comedy performances before her Trek debut. And the majority of those jobs were kid ones, such as her appearance in the 1950s sitcom “Make Room For Daddy.”

In an interview with writer Nick Thomas, she said, “I took the part extremely seriously and gave considerable consideration to what an android would think and feel.” “I was just 24 years old at the time and at the height of my beauty. The costume also contributed to the episode’s unforgettable quality!”

She went to lunch at the Paramount commissary while dressed up, and director Blake Edwards saw her and gave her a role in the film “Gunn,” which also featured Ed Asner.

Captain Kirk, according to Jackson, is a flirt.

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Mr. Shatner was a “lovely guy,” the actress told

“What can I say about Shatner?” According to Jackson, who was quoted in the article. “Of sure, he was flirting with me,” I said. But, on the whole, it was a pleasure working with Shatner.”

She further claimed that he assisted her in keeping the outfit on and causing them all to get into trouble. Jackson explained how Shatner assisted her in coming up with a novel solution in an interview with

In the interview, Jackson stated, “[The outfit] was fashioned out of ski stuff, and it continued expanding after wherever.” “There was a censor on set; they permitted cleavage in the front but not on the sides. To hold it in place, we utilized William Shatner’s toupee tape.”

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Andrea Star Trek is a cosplayer who managed to get the attention of Captain Kirk himself. She has created many costumes, and she recently made a replica of The Enterprise from Star Trek. Reference: andrea star trek.

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