DC’s Batman Bat-Tech Edition is a Delightful Way for Batman Fans to Pass the Time

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The Bat-Tech Edition is a deluxe edition of the DC Comics’ Batman comic book that includes an exclusive, limited edition lithograph print by artist Alex Ross.

The when was batman created is a question that has been asked for as long as the character has been around. DC’s Batman Bat-Tech Edition is a Delightful Way for Batman Fans to Pass the Time.

With the Batman Bat-Tech Edition AR app, the Dark Knight joins the Augmented Reality (AR) fun, but it’s not like previous AR experiences in that it doesn’t simply concentrate on one kind of experience. Instead, there’s a campaign-style set of missions that use the various AR components in various ways, but the app also includes numerous Bat-themed games, each with its own unique experience, on top of the comics, stickers, and everything else. That’s why this is a parent’s dream, since any young Batman lover will have enough to do, but parents may get hooked as well.

Penny-one, also known as the Bat-computer, welcomes you and guides you through the process of activating your camera, microphone, and locating a location large enough to house the AR components. The optimal surface is a table or a flat surface, although it may be made to function on less-than-ideal surfaces. The most difficult part of the learning curve is navigating the environment; it may take a minute before you feel comfortable tracking objects and angling the camera. This is required for the campaign’s first task, so you may not earn as high a score as you’d want until you’ve gotten used to it.

batman-bat-tech-app-impressions-2.jpg(Photo credit: DC)

However, the game is extremely forgiving across all of the modes and does not punish you other than forcing you to retry. You also rapidly return to gaming after being knocked out of competition, and you’ll soon be accumulating stars at a regular rate, which will raise your rank and XP level.

The primary campaign involves you hunting down different Batman villains and piecing together the puzzle pieces they leave behind at murder scenes, but the puzzles are very simple. Though much of the speech of anybody other than Penny-one is limited to a few voices, this is ideal for younger fans, as it still offers enough difficulty and keeps them engaged in voice acting.

The app’s side activities, on the other hand, are what truly make it work. You can get up up and personal with Batman’s cowl, equipment, the Batmobile, and even Mr. Freez’s gear, and the app will take you through all of the app’s features in a fascinating perspective that breaks down all of the different components. Then you’ll be given four distinct games to play, each with its own gameplay cycle.

batman-bat-tech-app-impressions-1.jpg(Photo credit: DC)

The first is the Batcowl Game, in which you use all of the various view settings in the cowl to identify henchmen and add time to your timer by spotting Bat-Signals. Long it’s simple, it’s strangely addictive, and I can imagine youngsters obsessing over getting the greatest scores for a while. The same can be said for the Batmobile Game, which requires you to move your fingertips around the screen to avoid obstacles and oncoming cars while also utilizing various devices to get rid of tailing vehicles. Again, not too complicated, but enjoyable and replayable.

There’s also the Grapnel Game, which requires you to leap, slide, and grapnel over Gotham’s rooftops using your fingertips. This is the most difficult of the games, but it is surprisingly entertaining and addicting and promotes replayability. The one game I didn’t care for was the Utility Bet Game, which consists only of pointing at targets and then memorizing codes to get extra time. There was nothing wrong with them, but after one round, they didn’t hold my attention.

All of this, plus the option to read the Knightwatch comics, use different Batman filters, stickers, and more, makes this a one-stop-shop for Batman fans, particularly if you’re a parent, and it’ll be something your kids will come to again and again, especially if it continues updating with new material. The greatest thing is that it’s completely free, so there’s no excuse not to get it. After all, it’s Batman Day!

On iOS and Google Play, you can get DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition.

What were your thoughts on the Bat-Tech application? Let us know in the comments, and as usual, you can reach out to me on Twitter at @MattAguilarCB to discuss all things DC!

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