Destiny 2 Truthteller Guide — How to Get it & the God Rolls to Look Out For

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Where is it? What does the Truthteller do? How good are the rolls and what can you spend your shards on in game? This guide will answer all of those questions.

The “how to get truthteller destiny 2 beyond light” is a guide that will help you get the most out of your character. The guide also includes information on what to look for when playing as well as some of the best rolls available in the game.

With the introduction of Salvager’s Salvo, lightweight frame grenade launchers have become a standard for PvP setups in Destiny 2. They’re surprisingly precise, have a lot of punch, and have a great Perk pool to choose from when it comes to Special Weapon possibilities. In a nutshell, they’re the more precise relative of classic Grenade Launchers, and they’re great for short-to-medium range accuracy.

While this weapon type has been popular since Shadowkeep, new rebalances and weapon releases have reintroduced it to the spotlight. With it comes a renewed interest in the Truthteller, a traditional alternative. Read on to learn how to get your hands on this lethal Grenade Launcher, as well as the God Roll level Perks you should be on the lookout for.

How to Obtain a Truth Finder

Truthteller first appeared in Season of the Worthy. It was instantly integrated into the main World Drop Loot Pool, unlike other new seasonal weapons at the time. That implies you have to simply pick it up at random using Legendary Engrams. Unfortunately, the acquisition mechanism has stayed in this bigger pool since its inception.

Season-of-the-Worthy-Trailer-Feature-1024x576 Season of the Worthy Trailer Feature Bungie (photo)

That means there’s no one-size-fits-all or fast approach to farm Truthteller. You’ll have to grind through Public Events, playlist activities, and raising up your reputation with merchants like the Gunsmith and Zavalla, among other things, to get the Ikelos SMG and Seventh Seraph weaponry. And, like with the other weapons, the strategy we propose is to concentrate on improving your reputation with The Gunsmith.

Simply continue playing as normal and dismantle unneeded weapons and armor to build up a stockpile of weapon components. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive Truthteller this way, but it’s the easiest and least invasive way to have a good shot at it. Furthermore, thanks to the updated marketplace, Banshee-44 now sells weapons from his treasure pool on a weekly rotation. Be on the watch for when Truthteller returns, since they tend to vary from reasonable to God Roll level versions of each weapon. 

This isn’t a speedy approach, but it’s one that you can use without having to waste hours running Glimmer Extraction Public events.

Stats from the Truthteller 

So, what’s the big deal with Truthteller? To begin, let’s look at the basic and hidden stats:

Table of Contents Statistics that aren’t well known
26. Stability Assistance with Aim: 79
Counting: 72 65 items in stock
Speed of reloading: 74 Zoom: 13
77 miles per hour 70 % recoil
Radius of Blast: 55 Intensity of Bounce: 30
90 rounds per minute  
1 magazine  

This Grenade Launcher’s excellent Handling and Reload Speed make it unexpectedly useful for fast play. There’s no need to worry about swiftly equipping or stowing it, and even the normal flaw of this weapon type, reload speed, isn’t an issue. This is particularly true if the Quick Access Sling Weapon Mod and any reload speed armor modifications are used.

The weapon’s real effect is somewhere in the center, as one would anticipate from a Light Frame choice. It’s meant to be a hard-hitting precision weapon rather than an AOE weapon. This is supported by the Velocity and Aim Assistance numbers, but the lesser Blast Radius and Bounce Intensity ensure that a miss may not result in much collateral damage.

God is on the lookout for Truthtellers.

You may choose from a wide variety of Perks in Truthteller. Most are suitable for both PvE and PvP, but a handful are better suited to one or the other. Here are three of our personal favorites that you should attempt to get your hands on.

Truthteller_Icon Truthteller_Icon

“We must burst through every soothing illusion if we want them to embrace the dismal truth.”

Arach Jalaal (Arach Jalaal) (Arach Jalaal) (A

Disruption Break and Auto-Loading Holster

Shotgun alternatives such as light frame grenade launchers may be quite effective. You may simply transition between disrupting and cleaning up with a fast burst fire or precise Kinetic weapon like a Sidearm, Hand Cannon, or Pulse Rifle. The Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break Perk go wonderfully with that playstyle.

It allows you to holster Truthteller after shooting and have it reload automatically while you play. This is ideal for swiftly removing opponent shields and switching to your Kinetic weapon for further damage. In PvP, you can quickly knock off adversaries in two to three bullets, while in PvE, you can interrupt formidable enemies without pausing and reloading. 

It’s an excellent choice for individuals who desire the advantages of a strong single-shot weapon with more range and allow for mistake while making accurate shots. Add a Quick Access Sling Mod and any stowing speed armor modifications to improve your weapon switching speed even further. The quicker you can switch weapons, the simpler it will be to benefit from the increased weapon damage.

Swashbuckler, Demolitionist, and Feeding Frenzy

This is a much more PvE-oriented roll, with the goal of boosting stats around a specific skill while fighting large groups of opponents. To increase your reload speed, start with Feeding Frenzy, which you may stack with reload-focused armor modifications for even more advantages. This guarantees that you may continue shooting without switching weapons, like you would with Autog Hols-ter (which is also a potential option here).

Your second Perk choice is then determined by which ability you choose to utilize the most. Look for Demolitionist if you prefer to spam grenades (maybe to take advantage of Stasis freezing to make Grenade Launcher targets easier). With successful kills, your grenade recharge rate will increase, and you will get an automatic reload everytime you deploy a grenade. Look for Swashbuckler to earn a damage boost from melee and launcher kills if you want to get up close and personal.

This is a flexible role that is entirely dependent on your playstyle. In PvE, either choice boosts your damage output and may be further enhanced by Spike Grenades and Smart Drift Control for your barrel. Both Perk variants are simple to activate and worth keeping for various situations. 

Quickdraw or Field Preparation and Multikill Clip

The last roll on this list is weaker than the others, yet it has a big impact on your reload and weapon draw times. When crouching, Field Prep gives a multitude of advantages, including increased ammunition capacity and quicker weapon usage. You may next choose between Quickdraw for faster weapon draw rates or Multikill Clip for a damage boost from reloading.

The drawback is that Multikill clip might be difficult to successfully pop, while Quickdraw offers just one highly valuable but restricted benefit. Furthermore, Field Prep necessitates that you remain motionless and stoop in order to get the full advantages of the Perk. This isn’t an issue if you choose to use Grenade Launchers from a distance and can get into a rhythm with shooting, ducking, and reloading.

In conclusion, this isn’t the greatest of the group, but it’s worth having on hand if you require speed and accuracy. Even though it is a somewhat limited use case for a God Roll, it illustrates what makes this weapon so awesome.

Rolls of Truthteller Barrel and Magazine

The Perk pool in Truthteller is remarkably adaptable, so the Perks and attachments you choose are entirely dependent on how you plan to utilize it. When it comes to the Barrel, there are simply two options: speed or accuracy. While your magazine has a variety of choices for increasing damage on precise strikes, turning grenades into flashbangs, increasing speed, and increasing the activation range, 

IMG_6046-1024x576 A screenshot of the Truthteller weapon in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG

If you roll, almost any of the following possibilities is worth retaining. To match up the best possibilities, bear in mind the Perks you want and how you want to utilize your Grenade Launcher.


  • Linear Compensator: This well-balanced launch barrel boosts projectile speed, blast radius, and stability by a little amount.
  • Quick Launch: Thanks to substantial enhancements in handling and projectile speed, this barrel allows for quicker projectiles and targeting.
  • Smart Drift Control: With modest enhancements in recoil control, stability, handling, and a minor increase in velocity, this barrel is extensively tuned for fire control.


  • Spike Grenades: Increase overall damage while enhancing stability with direct impacts.
  • High-Velocity Rounds: These projectiles are extremely light and quick due to their increased projectile and reload speeds.
  • Increase your proximity sensing in return for a modest reduction in your blast radius with proximity grenades.
  • Blinding Grenades: Detonating a grenade temporarily blinds opponents in exchange for a significant reduction in your blast radius.


Truthteller is a long-running Destiny 2 classic that is still a great choice if you like using Grenade Launchers. Make a plan for how you’ll use your Grenade Launcher ahead of time, and keep an eye out for a roll that fits your requirements from the list above. Share this post on your favorite social media channels to assist your Fireteam in finding the perfect Truthteller role, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all things Destiny 2. 

Have fun gaming!

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The “destiny 2 truth teller god roll pve” is a guide that will help you get the Destiny 2 Truthteller. The guide also includes information on the best rolls to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the Truthteller Destiny 2?

A: The Truthteller Destiny 2 is a legendary weapon in the game that can only be found through rare drops. This weapon is able to deal damage, with an added bonus of seeing enemies from far away and increased accuracy.

Does Truthteller still drop?

A: They are currently not dropping, but they have confirmed that players can expect them to be back in the future.

Can you get Truthteller from gunsmith?

A: Truthteller is a gun from Borderlands 2. It requires the Gunsmith DLC to be bought and unlocked by players.

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