Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Best Pokemon Tier List

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Pokemon is a game that has captured the hearts of millions since it’s release in 1996. With over 15,000 monsters to collect and trade, Pokemon has always been about customization and evolving your favorite characters into something stronger. There are several tiers for each pokemon with varying power levels between them like Uber-Pokemons or Mega-Evolutions. This tier list will cover what we believe to be the best pokemons across all tiers depending on their win rate in competitive play at top level tournaments such as Worlds Championships

The “best pokemon brilliant diamond team” is a tier list that was created by the community. The tier list has been used to help players decide which Pokemon to use in their teams.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Best Pokemon Tier List



The Sinnoh Pokedex in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl contains over 150 Pokemon. You can capture the most of them, but some must be fought before joining your squad. Only the greatest Pokemon in the game will be ranked in this BDSP tier list.

Our tiering system considers both attack strength and defensive coverage. You’ll also discover which moves are the most effective, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to get these Pokemon.

Best Pokemon Tier List for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon of the SS-Tier


  • Dragon, Ground type
  • Gible / Gabite / Garchomp evolution

Garchomp is the most powerful attacking Pokemon in the game, as well as the greatest overall. Dragon Rush, Dig, and Earthquake are his greatest moves.

Garchomp is most effective against Fire, Poison, Rock, and Electric kinds, while he is less effective against Dragon, Fairy, and Ice types.

Gible or Gabite may be found in the following areas for evolution:

  • Cave of the Wayward
  • Cavern of Still Water
  • Cave on the Riverbank
  • Cave of Fountainsprings

Pokemon in the S-tier


  • Type: Dragon, Steel
  • There is no evolution.

Dialga’s special attacks are the most powerful of any Pokemon, but his basic attacks are just as effective. Roar of Time and Iron Tail are his finest special moves.

Dialga is completely impervious to poison and has a great resistance to grass damage. Fighting and ground-based techniques are his main flaws.

Dialga can only be caught by fighting him at Spear Pillar on Mt. Coronet. You must first defeat Team Galactic and Cyrus before confronting Dialga.


  • Type: Dragon, Water
  • There is no evolution.

Palkia and Dialga have comparable power levels, with Palkia’s special attack damage reaching 438 points. Hydro Pump, Special Rend, and Aqua Tail are Palkia’s finest moves.

Palkia is impervious to ordinary harm and very resistant to fire and water. Other Dragon and Fairy types, on the other hand, will deal more damage to this Pokemon.

Palkia, like Dialga, may only be caught after the battle on Spear Pillar at the summit of Mt. Coronet.


  • Psychic kind
  • There is no evolution.

Azelf is the greatest Pokemon to use if you prefer playing with Psychic-type Pokemon. Future Sight and Psychic are two of his best techniques.

Azelf, like Palkia, is completely impervious to normal harm and has some resistance against Psychic and Fighting-type Pokemon. When facing Bug, Ghost, and Dark kinds, however, be especially cautious.

Only after defeating Dialga and Palkia on top of Mt. Coronet can you catch Azelf. After that, go to Lake Valor and beat Azelf in combat.

Pokemon in the A-tier


  • Type: Ground, Ice
  • Swinub / Piloswine / Mamoswine / Swinub / Piloswine / Mamoswine / Swinub / Pi

Mamoswine is the second greatest attacker in the game if you aren’t ready to travel to Mt. Coronet or develop Garchomp yet. He has a variety of interesting attacks that do a lot of damage, but Blizzard and Earthquake are his greatest.

Mamoswine is unaffected by electricity and has a great resistance to poison.

Swinub may be found and evolved in the following locations:

  • Cave of the Whiteout
  • Cave in the Swamp
  • Icy Cave
  • Cavern of the Ice Age
  • Bogsunk Cavern is a cave in the bogsunk region of the
  • Route 217 is a state highway in the United States.


  • Steel, electric type
  • Magnemite / Magneton / Magnezone / Magnezone / Magnezone / Magnezone / Magnezone /

Magnezone’s basic HP is merely 70 points, but his special attacks are quite powerful. Zap Cannon, Discharge, and Flash Cannon are Magnezone’s greatest moves.

Poison damage is unaffected by this Pokemon, and it is particularly resistant to Flying and Steel kinds. Keep him away from Ground-type Pokemon, however.

The following locations are where magmemite may be found and evolved:

  • Cave of the Whiteout
  • Cave with plenty of space
  • Icy Cave
  • Cavern of the Ice Age
  • Fuego Ironworks is a company that produces iron.


  • Ground type, rock type
  • Rhyhorn / Rhydon / Rhyperior / Rhyperior / Rhyperior / Rhyperior / Rhyperior

In Pokemon BDSP, Rhyperior is one of the finest ground attacks. His physical assaults, such as Rock Wrecker and Earthquake, are very devastating.

Rhyperior is impervious to Electric harm and has a high resistance to Poison. Water and Grass-type Pokemon are his two worst vulnerabilities.

Rhyhorn or Rhydon may be found in a variety of places, including:

  • Routes 227 and 228 are two options.
  • Stark Mountain is a tough climb.
  • Big Bluff Cavern is a cave in Big Bluff, North Carolina.
  • Cavern in the Sun
  • Cave with plenty of space
  • Cave of the Sandsear
  • Cave of the Rocks

Pokemon in the B-Tier


  • Type of fire:
  • Magby / Magmar / Magmortar / Magmortar / Magmortar / Magmortar / Magmortar /

Magmortar is without a doubt the finest Fire type Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Lava Plume, and Overheat are just a few of his unique fire attacks.

Magmortar is resistant to regular damage, but he is vulnerable to all other sorts of Pokemon, which is why he is just a B-tier option.

Magby may be found in the following locations:

  • Cave of the Volcano
  • Cavern of Typhlo
  • Cave of the Sandsear


  • Type: Regular
  • Happiny / Chansey / Blissey evolution

Blissey has the game’s greatest basic HP of 255 points, which can be increased to 744 points. Blissey is also a healer, able to heal any of the group’s allies.

Although he is immune to Ghost kinds, keep him away from all Fighting types.

Happiny or Chansey may be found in the following locations:

  • Routes 209 and 210 are two options.
  • Garden of the Trophies

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The “Best Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond” is a tier list that was created by Reddit user, just_someguy. The tier list is meant to be used as a guide for players who are new to the game. It ranks all of the pokemon in the game from 1-3 stars and includes which pokemon are best for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Reference: best pokemon in brilliant diamond reddit.

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