Bless Unleashed PC adds a Potential system, a dimensional dungeon, and new equipment in latest patch

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This weekend, Bless Unleashed PC received a substantial update. The first major patch since the game’s release in early March added new features and content for players to enjoy.

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play action RPG with a lot of content. The latest patch adds new equipment and the potential system, which allows players to unlock more powerful skills by using them over time.

Bless Unleashed PC adds a Potential system, a dimensional dungeon, and new equipment in latest patch


Because Bless Unleashed on PC has introduced what is being dubbed a Potential system in the newest patch that enhances characters on an account, the word “potential” is capitalized in the title for a purpose. It’s not a potential system that will be added later or something in the works. It’s up and running. It’s true. It’s now functioning (thanks to the patch).

Players equip Potential cores, which apply benefits that are shared across all characters on an account, under this new Potential system. Going to the Ancient Altar UI and either using a Superior Potentialer for free every day or drawing five fragments in Superior Potentialer and using them at a 50% reduced price once a week will get you a Potential core. Fusion may boost potential cores even more, albeit the fusion outcome will be random regardless of the fusion target and materials.

The current version also introduces a new dimensional dungeon, which presents a more tough challenge than conventional dungeons and progresses in complexity over the course of ten stages. Moving through this new dungeon earns you Dimensional Stones, which you may exchange for uncommon gifts at a trader. In addition, the update includes 22 necklaces and 22 rings for levels 35 to 40, as well as new S+ Battlefield equipment, new accessory effects, and a regrant runes feature. In addition, there are several new items in the cash store, including a new mount and cosmetic wings.

The update was released on Monday, and a patch to solve crashing problems with Potential cores vanishing at random has already been released. As a result, there should no longer be any potential lost. Laughing out loud.


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The “bless unleashed pc” is a game that was released in November of last year. The latest patch includes a potential system, dimensional dungeon, and new equipment.

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