10 Spinal Misalignments Cured With Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractors are often the first line of defense in treating spinal misalignments, but there are other options that can be considered.

The neck out of alignment symptoms is a spinal misalignment that can be cured with chiropractic treatment. There are 10 different types of spinal misalignments, which include the atlas, axis, and vertebrae.


The spine, as we all know, is a very important part of the human body. It acts as an extension of the Central Nervous System, continuously transmitting complicated signals from the brain to the rest of the body, and is made up of 33 intricately linked vertebrae. Misalignments of the spine have a cascade effect, interrupting communication between systems and obstructing the body’s normal function. Individuals may suffer from a variety of misaligned spine symptoms without recognizing that the source of the problem is in the spine.

1. Pain makes it difficult to go about one’s regular activities. Back and neck discomfort, headaches, and aching muscles are all frequent, but they aren’t “normal.” Subluxation, or misalignment of the spine, is a common reason. When vertebrae are twisted, rotated, or squeezed, the Central Nervous System (CNS) is frequently harmed, resulting in a range of unpleasant disorders. A spinal misalignment is likely to be a problem if back and neck discomfort interferes with a patient’s everyday activities.

2. Your posture seems to be unbalanced. In certain instances, spinal abnormalities may be seen just by looking at someone’s posture. One of the most apparent misaligned spine signs is crooked shoulders or hips, even though the patient believes he is standing up straight. Scoliosis (sideways spinal curvature) is more prevalent than most people think; nevertheless, other disorders such as Lordosis (inward lower back curvature) and Kyphosis are also common (rounded upper back). Chiropractic treatment may assist with all of these issues.

3. Range of motion is impacted by stiffness. Whether a person writes all day at a desk or works on a construction site with heavy equipment, posture and ergonomics may have a major effect on spinal health. Improper body mechanics may lead to spinal misalignment over time. In many instances, this results in back and neck stiffness as the bones get used to not moving correctly and adhesions (scar tissue bands) develop between the vertebrae. Simple activities like bending over become difficult and uncomfortable as a result of restricted range of motion. If the patient complains of stiffness on a frequent basis, an adjustment is likely needed not just to correct the spine but also to break up adhesions and increase range of motion.

4. Movement is inconvenient. Spines that are correctly positioned are usually stronger and more flexible than those that are misaligned. It is very typical in the area of chiropractic treatment for patients to discover their need for adjustment only after trying a new kind of physical activity. Whether they try jogging or take on a difficult home project, the stress of a new activity brings to light the fact that they have a crooked spine.

5. Illness becomes the norm. While everyone gets sick now and again, recurrent sickness is one of the lesser-known signs of a misaligned spine. Because the Central Nervous System is disrupted, immunological function is hampered. The body becomes considerably more vulnerable to any and all diseases that are prevalent in the environment if it does not have a robust immune system.

6. Performance is hampered by fatigue. Even though they are physically rested and healthy, people with a crooked spine may experience extreme tiredness. An imbalanced spine drains energy, which is the basic explanation for why this occurs. It’s conceivable that spinal misalignment is a contributing cause if a patient obtains enough sleep but still feels tired or unable to accomplish everyday activities. Chiropractic treatment may have a significant impact on these patients’ general well-being, providing them with more energy and a more positive attitude.

7. Shoes wear in different ways. When a patient’s shoes wear unevenly, it’s an indication that there’s an issue with their spine or hips. A spinal misalignment may sometimes result in a difference in leg length, which affects gait (the way a person walks) and, by extension, the person’s shoes. Routine chiropractic treatment may readily fix this, resulting in a much more natural and pleasant stride.

8. It gets difficult to concentrate. Poor focus is one of the less well-known signs of a misaligned spine. It’s not unexpected that subluxation has an impact on brain health since the brain and spine make up the Central Nervous System. Headaches are caused by misalignment for the same reason. The brain and the spine are closely linked, and if one fails to work properly, the other will as well.

9. Numbness or tingling in the extremities. This symptom, maybe more than any other, is a warning indication. Tingling or numbness in the hands and/or feet is nearly always a sign of a misaligned spine. The nerves linked to the vertebrae are compressed or irritated when they are tilted or rotated. This is also known as a “pinched nerve,” and it often produces numbness or tingling, especially in the limbs.

10. It seems that “cracking” is required. When the body is out of alignment, a person may feel compelled to crack his back, neck, fingers, and other body parts on a frequent basis. This will provide a momentary sense of comfort, but it will not address the underlying imbalance. In fact, breaking one’s own joints or spine may make a patient’s condition worse, necessitating even more chiropractic treatment.

Misaligned Spine Symptoms and the Best Treatment

The good news is that there are a variety of effective and non-invasive therapy options available for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of spinal misalignment. Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville specializes in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care, physical therapy, spinal decompression, and a range of additional safe and effective treatment methods for spinal misalignment.

In most instances, a multidisciplinary approach to correcting a misaligned spine is the best option, including a variety of related techniques that work together for long-term health. For example, the patient may begin with chiropractic treatment and then go to physical therapy to educate his muscles to maintain the repaired spine. A herniated disk may need spinal decompression, while cold laser treatment may help to speed up the healing process. Each of these therapy choices has been carefully chosen to fulfill a specific function in the patient’s overall health.

What to Expect During Your Initial Visit

There is often apprehension about getting therapy for a misaligned spine among individuals who have never had chiropractic care before. They may be concerned about whether it will be uncomfortable or if their symptoms would worsen. They may be concerned that the therapies will be too costly. The greatest approach to get rid of your concerns about chiropractic treatment is to meet with a chiropractor. A consultation is a chance for the patient and physician to assess spinal health and agree on an appropriate treatment plan that is totally free of charge.

Patients may anticipate a number of painless and essential activities to be performed during their initial appointment.

  • Forms for medical history and symptom reporting. Patients are asked to fill out papers at the beginning of their appointment that describe their medical history as well as information regarding their symptoms. Patients should be as detailed as possible regarding their medical history, existing medical problems, injuries, medications, and pain level. This enables the medical team to provide the best suggestions possible to help patients achieve optimum health via methods that are tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Diagnostic testing is a procedure that is used to determine the cause Physicians must understand what is happening on in the spinal column in order to treat spinal misalignment symptoms. A basic series of x-rays is the simplest method to obtain a good look at the vertebrae and surrounding skeletal structure. This simple procedure is usually included in the consultation fee and is essential for obtaining an accurate diagnosis and developing an efficient treatment plan. Depending on the patient’s requirements, a number of additional diagnostic testing techniques, such as an MRI or lab work, may be used.

  • Examined by a chiropractor A comprehensive examination is performed by the chiropractor before any adjustments are made, which includes measuring blood pressure, pulse, and respirations. He will evaluate range of motion, muscular tone and strength, reflexes, and posture in a gentle manner. All of this information allows the doctor to accurately identify the areas of concern and treat the underlying reasons rather than just the symptoms.

  • Consultation and diagnosis of the patient This last procedure may be postponed until a later appointment, although it may be done right after the first inspection in certain circumstances. The chiropractor will thoroughly explain his findings to the patient and set out his recommended treatment plan. The patient is given the chance to ask questions, express concerns, and learn more about how to correct their crooked spine and achieve optimum health.

  • While most patients seek treatment from a chiropractor for symptom alleviation, the most important issue to address is “what is causing the symptoms?” A minor subluxation, or spinal misalignment, may cause back and neck discomfort in many instances. In certain instances, though, a more serious health problem may occur. It is essential to identify the exact source of symptoms in order to properly treat them.

  • Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville’s doctors are skilled not only in treating misaligned spine symptoms, but also in identifying and treating the underlying health issues that created them. Patients may be certain that their multidisciplinary plan of treatment will not only help them manage pain, but will also help them pursue and achieve true health and wellness.

  • Once the patient’s medical requirements have been determined, the patient’s medical team may collaborate to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This will be distinct for each patient, with particular objectives and stages that are customized to the patient’s specific requirements. Patients may anticipate to visit the clinic on a frequent basis and to perform a range of at-home activities. Patients may expect to get the most out of their therapies if they participate actively in the treatment plan.

Taking Steps Towards Optimal Health

  • Recognizing the need for treatment and contacting a local chiropractor are the first steps to obtaining real relief for those who are experiencing symptoms of a misaligned spine. Medical physicians, chiropractors, nurses, and physical therapists work together at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville to provide a welcoming environment with a trained team of multi-disciplinary medical experts. They work together on a daily basis to help patients not only get rid of pain, but also to pursue and achieve optimum health.

  • Living with the effects of a misaligned spine may have a negative impact on every area of one’s life. Chiropractic treatment that is both professional and effective may be the difference between simply surviving and blissfully flourishing. Scheduling a consultation is simple and may be done over the phone or online. To learn more about how to get relief and move ahead to a richer, deeper quality of life, contact Physical Health Care of Jacksonville today.

The misaligned vertebrae neck is a condition that is caused by the spine being out of alignment. There are 10 ways to cure this condition with chiropractic treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can chiropractor fix spinal misalignment?

Unfortunately, chiropractors cannot fix spinal misalignment. They can only help with muscle spasms and pain relief.

What are spinal misalignments?

Spinal misalignments are an abnormal curvature of the spine.

Do chiropractors actually move your spine?

I do not know.

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