World of Warships’ latest update adds new German battleships and returning Halloween events

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World of Warships has been updated with the latest content. The update includes new German battleships and returning Halloween events.

The submarines in world of warships is a new addition to the game. The update also includes returning Halloween events.

As many frequent players know, just because World of Warships is all about historically accurate military weaponry doesn’t mean it doesn’t like to have fun with itself. Take, for example, the game’s Halloween events, which have been revived in the most recent patch. After all, I don’t remember ever reading in a history book about battleships battling huge monster boats.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it will reintroduce the Twilight Hunt instance, which pits 16 players against each other and the AI-controlled Twilight Fleet in a race to earn battle points on the Polygon map, as well as the return of Operation Sunray in the Darkness and Operation Saving Transylvania.

While this patch is known as the Halloween patch, it also includes additional content upgrades, such as a new branch of German battleships in early access that range from Tiers III to VIII. These ships will be available in bundles for German Tokens, a new temporary resource that players may acquire by participating in the Personal Challenges event or purchasing from the Armory. Submarines are now available in random fights, and the UI has been updated, among other things. More information may be found in the update notes. S00

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