Urban Meyer’s Latest Coaching Blunder Involves Brutally Stripping a Jaguars Team Favorite of His Leadership Role

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One of the biggest mistakes in recent memory was made by Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, who stripped a Jaguars player of his leadership role after he was caught making an obscene gesture to the opposing team.

Urban Meyer’s latest coaching blunder involves brutally stripping a Jaguars team favorite of his leadership role.

Whatever Urban Meyer chooses to do these days, it seems to be the wrong choice.

Meyer is rapidly falling out of favor in Florida after squandering an offseason roster slot on Tim Tebow and led the Jacksonville Jaguars to a 0-5 start.

The Jaguars’ ownership has already issued a statement denouncing Meyer’s conduct at an Ohio pub earlier this month, and it seems the locker room isn’t far behind.

Urban Meyer seems to be in over his head.

Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer during their Week 5 loss. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images/Urban Meyer

Before delving into Meyer’s newest blunder, it’s essential to emphasize how disastrous Meyer’s experiment has been for the Jaguars. In the year 2021, Jacksonville was never anticipated to be a decent team. Under Meyer’s leadership, though, they don’t even seem to be competitive.

They haven’t won in their first five games, and many of their defeats have been lopsided. Trevor Lawrence is failing to live up to the generational potential he was drafted with, and the Jaguars can put a lot of it on Meyer and his shoddy system.

Lawrence has thrown eight interceptions this season, compared to just six touchdowns, and his completion percentage is below 60%. The longer Meyer stays in charge in Jacksonville, the more likely Lawrence is to follow in the footsteps of Sam Darnold’s career trajectory.

In addition, the Jaguars’ once-impressive defense (dubbed “Sacksonville”) isn’t showing any signs of progress. They allow the fifth-worst overall yards and the third-worst yards per play. CJ Henderson, a previous first-round selection, was also dealt by the Jaguars.

Meyer’s most recent coaching move just adds to the conflagration.

Myles was stripped by Urban Meyer. Jack of all trades when it comes to play-calling

HC #Jaguars Myles Jack was not wearing the green dot today, according to Urban Meyer: “When he doesn’t have to make the decision, he’s at his best.”

10 October 2021 — Demetrius Harvey (@Demetrius82)

Something has to change for the Jaguars to start playing better, particularly on defense.

Meyer’s approach to this problem, on the other hand, is embarrassingly poor. He blamed Myles Jack, a long-time Jaguars linebacker and locker room favorite. He used to be the one in charge of calling plays for the Jacksonville defense, but that is no longer the case.

Meyer said, “We’ve been analyzing it since Myles plays three positions.” “You know, in the three distinct [alignments] — base, nickel, and dime,” says the narrator. We’ve recently completed some research. When he doesn’t have to make the decision, he’s at his best.”

Maybe Meyer is onto something and has found the secret to improving the Jaguars’ defense, or maybe he’s just scapegoating a team leader to deflect attention away from his system and general coaching ineptness. Given that Jack has been an outstanding NFL linebacker for many years and Meyer is 0-5 as a head coach in the league, the answer seems self-evident.

The Jaguars are beginning to lose their identity.

The Jaguars aren’t projected to be a great football team anytime soon, as previously said. Meyer’s attitude to the rebuilding process, on the other hand, is catastrophic.

He’s alienated both fans and players, and he’s proving to be a major distraction both on and off the field.

Due to his experienced status, Jack has much greater influence in the Jaguars’ locker room. He and his colleagues’ terrible reactions to this abdication of duty adds another another blemish to Meyer’s already dreadful coaching resume.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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