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Those Who Cant Review

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On the eve of November 2014, anonymous posters on 4chan’s /v/ (Video Games) board called for an “audit” of the video game press. They believed that many large gaming news sites were corrupt and that conflicts between journalists and developers fueled a lack of trust in fan-oriented publications.

The idea was simple: after playing a game, writers would review it honestly, regardless of the developers’ PR limitations. Early “reviews” were harsh—first impressions weren’t favorable for Mighty Number 9 and the initial Bugs Bunny game was crucified by poor controls—but they also offered constructive criticism on how to improve games with each release.

Watch those who cant review

People who are buying this game are either hipsters who don’t care how bad the game is, or people who actually enjoyed 1&2 because it reminds them of when they were young. It has very little appeal to actual gamers which is why its being vastly ignored by gamer media, except for here because that’s all we have left.

Mighty Number 9 is done. There isn’t anything to improve on in the sequel if it ever gets one. You can’t polish a turd.

Introduce the topic of book reviews

I picture reviewers as the sort of people who think they’re better than everyone else because they can string words together.

Though not 4chan, many posts on Amazon echo these sentiments: writers are snobbish and distant from their audience. Many seemed less interested in improving their writing style than simply sharing opinions about their favorite (or least favorite)

Discuss how to write an effective book review

The book review is the backbone of most online booksellers, and with good reason: if a potential reader can’t trust a writer’s opinion, they won’t buy the book. If they do buy it and don’t like

Rating: 4/5 stars

It’s better than average but not fantastic. I liked some parts and was bored in others. It’s not fantastic, but it is fun for most people. I wouldn’t recommend paying full price, but if you can get it on sale or borrow it from a friend I say go for it.

Offer a few examples of good and bad book reviews

This review of Marie Lu’s The Young Elites lacks sufficient criticism. Its author states that the book is “great” and discusses how it is similar to other popular titles, but fails to mention any specific elements of the novel itself.

This review of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars does not go into enough detail about why readers may or may not enjoy the book. Its author simply states that it is a “must read,” but never tells readers what to expect from the plot or characters.

Summarize the key points of writing an effective book review

A book review should explain why readers will or won’t enjoy a work and suggest which audiences would be most interested in it. All too often, reviewers become so concerned with contrasting their own opinions against those of other writers, they forget to engage with the text on its own merits.

Movie critics are the most disliked profession in America. They’re accused of spending their lives dining exclusively on champagne and caviar, ignoring average Americans who pay to see “Transformers” or “The Fast and Furious.”


Many people ask if being a professional writer is really all it’s cracked up to be. They picture us lounging in our pajamas, drinking wine all day, and spending work hours browsing Facebook or Twitter. This article offers excellent insight into how writers should review video games (and books). It states that many reviewers are arrogant snobs who disrespect their audience and don’t give proper criticism. The article also offers examples of how to write a book review, including what elements should be included (explanation of what the book is about), areas that need improvement (lack of detailed information), and final thoughts on whether readers should read it or not.

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