The 5 Best LoL Build Sites (To Build Your Champion The Best)

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In League of Legends, you can build a champion to fit your playstyle. There are five different builds that you can use to create your champion. The best builds will be based on what type of player you are and the team composition.

The best lol guide website is a website that provides information on how to build champions in League of Legends.

To progress in League of Legends, you must have a thorough knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

Fortunately, the game has matured quickly since its first release in 2011, and there are now a plethora of useful features to aid your progress.

LoL build sites are one of these tools, and the finest LoL build sites may assist in determining appropriate build pathing based on victory rate % across a large sample size.

This is useful information since it identifies which products are the best based on statistics, but it does not provide the whole picture.

Having accurate data is beneficial, but you must combine it with your game sense in order to choose the optimal things to construct against the opposing team.

So, in this post, we’ll go over five different websites that may help you understand your champion builds and how they compare to one another.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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TL;DR: The Best League of Legends Build Sites in 2021

The Top Five League of Legends Construction Sites

  1. Mobalytics is a website and software company.
  2. is a website and software development company.
  3. Website: Mobafire
  4. is a website and software development company.
  5. is a website.

Mentions of Merit

Which LoL App Is Best For Building?

Mobafire offers the most thorough instructions of high-ranking players if you’re searching for cookie-cutter builds. is the greatest place to go if you’re searching for builds that have been statistically proved to work based on victory rates. is the place to go if you want to put pro-players’ builds to the test.

The greatest method to develop your champion, though, is to:

  1. Purchase the ‘core’ things that your champion works best with. These may be found at
  2. Be prepared to change your builds based on the other team’s composition and compositions.

The best approach to develop your champion is to analyze what your opponents are doing and respond with the right things.

If a team has five champions with cc, for example, you’ll want to acquire the Quicksilver Sash so you can quickly escape if you’re stunned.

If your opponent has a lot of tanks, you’ll want to develop armor penetration, such as Lethality or Armor Penetration.

Game sense will always win out over cookie-cutter builds, and it may be the difference between winning your duals or team battles, so it’s critical to understand your champion and the items that work best with them.

Mobalytics is a fantastic website with a user-friendly design that is perfect for newcomers or those returning after a lengthy absence.

League is known for rapidly shifting metas, so looking at which items have the best win rates and in what build order is a smart method to keep up to speed with the newest builds.

They include a wealth of useful information, such as favorable or unfavorable match-ups, runes, summoner spells, and so on.

Over the current and previous patches, Mobalytics provides easy-to-read graphs on victory rate percent, pick rate percent, and ban rate percent.


These are crucial pieces of information for determining if a champion has been nerfed and how they perform in today’s meta.

Another feature that sets us apart from other construction sites is the ability to set a ‘Time Target’ for your build items.

According to statistics, you should purchase your first early item in 5 minutes and your three core goods in 21 minutes.

This is an excellent indication of whether or not you’re on track with your cs count.

Mobalytics also offers a downloadable tool that you can use to incorporate their data into League of Legends in real-time.


When it comes to statistics, is another useful site that utilizes data to identify the best goods and setups. is a fantastic website with a user-friendly design that is ideal for newcomers or those returning after a lengthy absence.

This is exactly what does; here’s an example:


It has a more user-friendly interface than many other LoL build sites, and it even includes the amount of matches played to collect data on when people purchased the item, as well as a large sample size of matches won with that item.

You may also alter the rank, so if you want to create a champion the same way Challengers do, you can do it with a single button press.

It also displays secondary item statistics and when players purchase them, so you can figure out what things to construct based on your match-up. also offers a wealth of useful information, such as rune builds, summoner spells, match-up statistics, and the best players that use your champion.


Mobafire was the first website I utilized when I first started playing League of Legends, and they’ve been a solid source of build instructions ever since.

Mobafire has an interesting feature in that the builds aren’t based on statistics, but rather on the personal experiences of the players.

These aren’t your average Joes; they’re high-ranking players who usually come from Diamond levels or above.


Vapora Dark, a Master on the EUW server, is an excellent example of the kind of player that writes Mobafire’s instructions.

Getting advice from high-level players is a great method to better your champion, and many guides provide a wealth of information.

The disadvantage of Mobafire is that you will have to cycle through many guides before finding the one that is perfect for you.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to look at the top-rated guides as well as the player’s credentials to make sure you’re following someone trustworthy.

1633315821_749_The-5-Best-LoL-Build-Sites-To-Build-Your-Champion is a little program that integrates directly into League of Legends, enabling you to receive real-time build information while playing the game.

Their website also has build instructions in the statistics area, however it’s best to connect the app with your client since it gives you more information.

It’s an appealing program to use since it not only offers you builds based on statistics (similar to, but it also keeps track of your in-game performance.

It also has a feature called ‘Pro Builds,’ which enables you to create pro player builds.

It goes even farther by displaying the precise match-up so you can see what the pro was thinking.

You may choose from the Most Common builds and the ones with the Highest Win Rate; however, keep in mind that they may not always be the ideal builds to utilize at the moment. is the greatest alternative to LoL build sites if you’re tired of alt-tabbing or glancing at your second screen every time you play. It may offer you important real-time information on how you perform.’s greatest feature is its import tool, which lets you quickly import suggested runes, summoner spells, and construction instructions for use in-game.


Another LoL build resource you may utilize to decide your builds is

Because of their user interface, which isn’t as simple to use as Mobalytics or, I’ve placed last.

The basis of their build guidelines, though, is the same: to decide what’s optimal, they use data on pick rate percent and win rate percent.

Other helpful data are available on, including runes, counters, goods, and skills, as well as relatively useful information such as skills and trends.

When it comes to creating guides, isn’t the greatest, but it excels in collecting statistics on your performance.

It offers a fantastic user interface for your profile and gives you a lot of information about your past matches.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions are included below…

Is a trustworthy website?

For construction instructions, is trustworthy, while websites that use statistics, such as and Mobalytics, offer superior, easier-to-understand UIs. is a great tool for evaluating your gaming history, giving detailed insights and data about your past games.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, is the greatest option for integrating into your game, while Mobalytics is the best option for website statistics.

Should I Use Build Guides Or Create My Own Champion?

It’s always better to design your builds with your game sense in mind.

You will be a better player if you have a thorough knowledge of League of Legends based on your own experiences.

Knowing precisely what to construct against your opponents, particularly at greater elos, is a crucial talent to have.

When it comes to creating guidelines, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory or look at global data, but the ability to react to what’s going on in real time is the greatest approach to get an edge over your competitors.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a few useful tools in your arsenal to help you enhance your League of Legends abilities.

Data may be a useful tool for identifying your weaknesses so you can concentrate on improving those areas, as well as highlighting your strengths.

It’s better to trust your instincts rather than following cookie-cutter constructions, so combine the two for the best of all worlds.

If you have a strategy for deciding which things to pick for which champion, please share it in the comments section below; we’d love to hear it.

Have fun gaming!

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The best champion in League of Legends is currently Rengar.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best League of Legends extension?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best League of Legends extension is the LoL Extension.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best LoL build site?

Which is the best champion in LoL?

The best champion in League of Legends is currently Rengar.

What is the best League of Legends extension?

The best League of Legends extension is the LoL Extension.

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