Terminator: Resistance is getting new story DLC next

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The “terminator: resistance latest update” is a new DLC coming out soon. It will have a brand-new story.

Resistance was one of the first games to feature a deep, narrative-driven campaign. Now it’s getting new story DLC next month with “Resistance: The Gathering Storm.” But even as Resistance continues to be updated and evolve over time, its roots remain firmly planted in World War II history.

If you’ve been itching for some more Terminator: Resistance death machine carnage, the announcement of a story-based DLC coming out next month will be very pleasant.

Annihilation Line, which will be released globally on December 10th, adds a completely new side-story to the current campaign, which is set in a post-Judgement Day world where man is barely surviving against the mechanical threat of Skynet.

The DLC picks up just after the resistance has fought its first Infiltrator, and has you teaming up with Kyle Reese to explore the inexplicable stillness of a California outpost and its link to Skynet.

Terminator: Resistance is getting new story DLC next month

Terminator: Resistance is getting new story DLC next month

This four-hour tale will carry protagonist Jacob Rivers over the famed Skynet ‘Annihilation Line,’ putting him in the sights of gleaming opponents old and new, including T-600s and HK Centurions, as the title implies. As Jacob progresses further into enemy territory, he’ll need to use a variety of different weapons to counteract these new dangers.

Being the finest Terminator game isn’t exactly a prestigious honor, but Terminator: Resistance has earned it.

The first-person shooter from Polish developer Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment had a tough start and a few rough edges, but it has already gained a cult following since its November 2019 debut on PC and consoles.



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The “Terminator: Resistance sequel” is the next installment of the Terminator franchise. The game will be released on March 20, 2019 and will include a new story DLC. Reference: terminator: resistance sequel.

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