Skyrim House of Horrors Walkthrough Guide

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The latest Skyrim update has just been released, that means the game is once again accessible to all those who have a compatible device. But what happens when you’ve exhausted every quest in game and still can’t find your way out of Helgen? The House of Horrors walkthrough is here to help!

The “skyrim house of horrors how to start” is a guide that will help you get started in the game. It includes a walkthrough for every level of the game, as well as information on what to do and where to go.

Skyrim House of Horrors Walkthrough Guide

The House of Horrors is one of Skyrim’s most sinister adventures, and one of several Daedric Quests in the Elder Scrolls series that require the player to accomplish duties for Daedric Princes.

In this example, the journey starts as a simple search for an average vigilante called Tyranus, but quickly devolves into a crazy, twisted nightmare. We’ll take you through all of the steps required to finish this quest in this tutorial.

How to Finish Skyrim’s “House of Horrors”

Locate and Investigate the Abandoned House

This quest may be started by conversing with Tyranus outside of the abandoned home when you first arrive in Markarth. He’ll inquire about the home and whether or not you’ve seen anybody come in or out.

Accept his offer to assist him in his quest for the home. You’ll be shut out and unable to explore the basement when the two of you reach the basement door.


The area will begin to shake violently as furniture floats about, and Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Enslavement, will tell you to slay Tyranus.

You have no option except to murder Tyranus in order to continue. If you try to flee without doing so, Molag Bal will persuade him to turn against you. You may then go down into the basement to carry out further of his requests after he’s been slain.

Logrolf the Willful must be found and set free.

When you enter the basement, you will be locked in a case by Molag Bal, who will give you additional instructions. He says he wants you to entice the Priest of Boethia to come to him since he was desecrating Molag Bal’s altar. He intends to exact his vengeance.


Logrolf the Willful, the Priest of Boethia, may be found in any of the Forsworn encampment. It doesn’t matter which one he appears in; the location will be indicated for you, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding him.

Travel there to discover that he must be set free, therefore battle any hostiles in the area and liberate him from his imprisonment. There may be a large number of foes, so bring your strongest weapons. He’ll continue his journey back to the altar after he’s been set free.


Logrolf is tortured and killed.

Return to the abandoned home and down the stairs to the altar with Logrolf the Willful. Before giving you one more instruction, Molag Bal will imprison him in his cage. He’ll offer you his mace and tell you to beat Logrolf to a pulp.

You will kill Logrolf before he gets a chance to surrender to Molag Bal on your first try, but he will be revived and you will be given a second chance. Logrolf will succumb to the torture this time, and you will be told to murder him – once again.


When you finish Molag Bal’s last assignment, he will give you his mace, a Daedric Artifact, and the quest will be completed. He’ll vanish into oblivion, and you’ll be able to leave the house with your new toy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the House of Horrors quest in Skyrim?

A: You have to be on the path of a certain quest, which you do not need to complete in order for this challenge. Once you are following that quest line and find yourself near the sea coast north of Falkreath with some dead bodies surrounding a building, enter it.
In there is where youll find the House of Horrors.

Can you refuse Molag Bal?

Should I kill vigilant tyranus?

A: If you are not sure, please refrain from killing him.

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