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Simultaneously Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Devices

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Lets say you have a bluetooth headset and a bluetooth keyboard. On Windows XP, you could pair them both together and they would work seamlessly. On Vista however, this is no longer the case. If both devices were to connect at once, only one of them will actually function with your computer.

The other device will simply not work. This is very frustrating for those who would like to use both of their bluetooth devices without having to start pairing all over again (which is a tedious and lengthy process).

How many devices can a bluetooth device connect to simultaneously?

Only one. A bluetooth adapter can only connect one device at a time to your computer. This will hinder the use of both devices when they are needed simultaneosly.

What are two ways around this?

There are two options for solving this problem. You can purchase a hardware dongle that has 2 – 5 bluetooth adapters, or you can purchase a bluetooth extender.

What are the 2 ways to solve this problem?

The two solutions for solving this problem are using a hardware dongle with multiple bluetooth adapters, or using a bluetooth extender.

Where can i buy these items? Where i can find more information on them?

You can buy the hardware dongles online, as well as other bluetooth devices such as: headsets and keyboards. You can also find more information on bluetooth extenders here: [link] and bluetooth multipoint adapters here: [link] .

How much does it cost? Where can you find more information on them?

You can purchase the hardware dongles online, as well as other bluetooth devices such as: headsets and keyboards.

What device do you need to use in order to connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously?

You need either a hardware dongle or a bluetooth extender in order to connect multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously.

How many bluetooth adapters does a bluetooth extender have?

A bluetooth extender has either one or two channels of connection, but only one channel will work at a time due to limitations in the Bluetooth specification.

Where can i buy different types of Bluetooth extenders?

You can buy both single and dual bluetooth extenders online.

How much do bluetooth multipoint adapters cost?

You can purchase the bluetooth multipoint adapter online for $24.95.

What is the advantage of using the bluetooth multipoint adapter?

The bluetooth multipoint adapter has one channel of connection and allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

By following the steps below, your computer will be able to connect with both devices simultaneously.

1. Open your Control Panel and click on “Add a device”. This will start the hardware wizard.

2. When you get to page 3 of this wizard, press the button titled “Have a Passkey.”

This will cause a new window to pop up with a random number inside it. Copy this number (or write it down if you prefer) and press the “Next” button. If you cannot find this random number, reboot your computer and try again.

3. Click on next when it says “The wizard has determined the passkey for this device.”

4. In the new window that pops up, choose “Finish” to complete pairing of devices successfully.

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Your computer should now be able to connect with both devices. If things still do not work, give it another try and create a new passkey for each device (instead of forcing the wizard to generate one). Make sure your bluetooth devices are updated with the latest software.


Hopefully this set of tips will help you connect multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously. It is annoying that Bluetooth manufacturers are not allowing for simultaneous connections, but there are workarounds to the problem.

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