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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are designed to go anywhere. They’re especially popular in the Arctic, where ice roads are often locked solid by October and don’t reopen until June. With their large tires and beefy suspensions, they can handle rough terrain that would leave most cars or trucks stranded. But there’s one place even an ATV can’t go: the ocean.

That’s where Miss Geico comes in. This 11-foot (3.5m) monster is a foam, fiberglass and carbon-fiber ATV that runs on a 50cc scooter engine. It was designed by an Alaskan named Bill Burke, who wanted to ride his ATV to the edge of the Bering Sea and then take a ferry to Russia. The problem was, the ice-choked Bering Strait is only about 3 feet (0.9m) deep for dozens of miles out from shore.

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“I looked for a boat hull that might be shaped like an ATV, but couldn’t find one anywhere,” Burke says. “So I decided to build my own.”

Taking the idea to extremes, Miss Geico was built to run on seawater or snow. It generates its own electricity from solar panels and has heated handles to keep Burke’s hands warm in cold water. (The engine turns a generator for that.) Burke is the first to admit that Miss Geico isn’t practical, but he doesn’t care: It was built as a hobby and an experiment, not as a boat. “It’s

What is a roll out series and why should you use one to promote your business/product/service?

The idea to build an all-terrain vehicle that can go into the ocean sounds very familiar to me because in one of my favorite cartoon shows called Invader Zim there is an episode called “The Wettening” where Zim builds a robot that can go on land and under the water. The robot is called GIR (which sounds like the protagonist of the series) and I think thats where this idea came from, or someone was inspired by Invader Zim to make this Or it could be all just a coincidence.

How to create a roll out series that works for you and your customers

The companies behind the products in these series are not just releasing one product, they are releasing many which means they have the potential to make more money with less work. The more products you release, the more money you can make. But if most of your ideas suck then instead of making money you will lose it because people won’t buy them and you will be forced to create another product.

Choosing what products go into a series like this is key, for example Apple’s iPhone and Macbook lines work very well together because they look similar and share many of the same features.

The benefits of using a roll out series to market your business

Using a roll out series allows you to release multiple products at once without much effort. This means that your business will begin to make money faster and it will be easier for you to grow as an entrepreneur because if one product fails you still have others working for you, instead of just one.

Examples of successful roll out series and how you can adapt them for your own needs

Apple is one of the best examples to use for this, they are constantly releasing new products at once and topping it off with a huge marketing campaign. The difference between them and you or I is that their products are usually pretty high quality while most entrepreneurs’ products are not.


Using a roll out series is a very easy and effective way to market your business, it can even help you make more money than you already are. And if one product fails then it doesn’t matter because there are many other products that will be raking in the dough for you. If you want to learn more about this idea and how successful entrepreneurs use it to make more money check out the video below!

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