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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Expedition Modes Rise

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Expedition mode is a new, free update for Rise of the Tomb Raider, available exclusively on Xbox consoles. The development team has taken all the DLC and gameplay improvements since launch and rolled them into one giant pile of awesomeness that we’re calling Expedition Mode. The premise behind Expedition Mode is to give everyone an additional way to play Rise of the Tomb Raider when they’re not busy raiding tombs.

Expedition Mode offers two new game modes, which will feel both fresh and familiar for fans of the game. Each mode offers a distinct experience, so players can now choose between ” Expedition Modes” on their next playthroughs.

rise of the tomb raider how to use cards

While we wanted to add a new difficulty option to Rise of the Tomb Raider , we didn’t just want to add “more damage from enemies” or anything like that. We wanted something totally different and more challenging. Something for players who had completed the game and were looking for bigger, badder challenges.

We started out with a list of all the Tomb Raider games and collected some of the elements we love from each one. We added those into an Excel spreadsheet that had a tonne of columns which included things like “Skippable cutscenes?” or “Can you play as different characters throughout the game?”.

What is the Expedition Mode and how does it work?

This will be familiar for those who played the Endurance Mode, as much of this content is derived from it. These two modes both give you objectives and challenge tombs to complete and earn points toward your high score. They also allow you to play with buddies via Xbox Live party system. While Expedition Mode contains much more than Endurance Mode, we wanted to make sure we didn’t recreate the same experience.

The first mode is called “Expedition Mode” and it’s set in a colder, harsher climate than the base game, which was mainly focused on Central Russia. This Siberian landscape will present new environmental challenges for players and force them to push themselves even further.

Unlocking new gear and upgrading your equipment is

really important in these modes. So we brought back the player Endurance Mode mechanic of collecting and managing loot, which means you’ll need to search and scavenge for items and resources and manage them accordingly. We’ve also added a new feature called “Story Items”. These are narrative objects that provide insight into the world around you and help build the story.

The second mode is called ” Score Attack” and it’s similar to the Challenge Tombs you played in Rise of Tomb Raider . This time, though, there are no checkpoints so you’ll need to start at the beginning if you die. The aim here was to provide players with new ways to play some of their favourite levels without worrying about the narrative elements of the game.

Choosing a path with various challenges will

allow you to score higher than your friends. You’ll see your friends’ and world rankings on screen, so if you’re up for the challenge you can try and beat their scores! There are dozens of challenges scattered throughout the game and we’ve added online leaderboards so you can compare your skills with your friends and everyone else around the world.

New Game Mode: Champion’s Edition! Rise Of The Tomb Raider has been a critical and commercial success, but I’m also conscious that not all gamers have completed the game yet. So before Expedition Mode is released, we wanted to offer an additional game mode with no narrative spoilers for those who are still working on the main story. This also gives returning fans something new to play through before they join in on Expedition Mode!


Expedition mode allows you to choose different paths, all of which are full of challenges, new discoveries, enemies, tombs and more. This is a perfect way for new players to experience the game without missing out on any of the narrative. It’s also a great mode for experienced players who want more challenge and depth from their gameplay.

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