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Reviewing Basic Algebra

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A number of online and traditional programs exist to provide math tutoring, but they can be expensive. Whether you’re learning basic arithmetic or struggling with college-level calculus, there are free options available if you know where to look. Here’s a review of some helpful online resources. You might also try searching for “math help” in the discussion forums of your favorite social media sites.

“Pre-algebra for dummies” at offers easy explanations of basic concepts in the field, including the commutative property and prime factorization. The site also offers some help with geometry terms. If you’re more interested in algebra lessons, try “algebra for dummies” at; the site offers clear explanations of basic mathematical concepts. If you’re still struggling to understand your math homework, try asking questions about it in an online forum like Yahoo! Answers (, which allows you to post problems and receive answers from other members.

What is x plus x

Pre-algebra for dummies explains that the commutative property of addition allows you to switch the order of the numbers, meaning that x plus x is equal to 2x. also offers explanations of concepts like inverse operations and solving equations, while lets users upload their own homework problems and then offers step-by-step explanations to show how they can be solved.

What is the answer for 3/4 plus 1/2? explains that the commutative property of addition also allows you to add mixed numbers (such as three fourths and one half), such that 3/4 plus 1/2 equals 5/4. goes even further, offering explanations for how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, such as 3/4 and 1/2 (“three quarters and a half”). If you’re still having trouble understanding the concept of fractions, try doing research on the web. For example, has free online lessons on adding fractions with different denominators, while offers more advanced information on the topic.

Why you should use Khan Academy to study algebra for your GRE?

Khan academy provides interactive visual explanations of math concepts to help students better understand topics like linear equations. Not only is this useful for students who are struggling to understand algebra concepts, but it might also help those looking to prepare for the GRE test. Khan Academy provides practice problems for this test as well as other popular exams, such as the GMAT and MCAT.

Solving equations and word problems offers step-by-step guides for solving equations, including quadratic equations and systems of linear equations. The site also explains how to solve word problems by setting up an equation. For more practice, try the free algebra lessons available at

How do you solve absolute value equations?

According to, solving an absolute value equation depends on making “the variable by itself be absolute value.” The site also offers step-by-step explanations for how to solve these types of equations. For more detailed information, try Simply type “absolute value” into the search bar to find helpful videos that can be viewed at any time.

What is a prime number?

An integer greater than one that has exactly two factors, itself and 1, is defined as a prime number. To better understand this concept, try using Wolfram Alpha ( This site not only defines the term “prime number,” but it also provides definitions for terms like factorization and multiple.

What are the factors of 27?

According to, the factors of a number are a “set of numbers that can divide evenly into a given number,” which for 27 includes 1, 3 and 9. This site also explains how to find all the factors for an integer greater than one, including multiple and prime factorization.


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