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Remove Moisture From The Inside of A Watch

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Do you have a watch that’s been acting strange lately? It keeps going from running fine to stopping whenever it wants? Well, there might just be some moisture trapped in the case.

This is where “Dry Your Watch” comes in! In this instructable I’ll take you through all the steps to get your favorite time piece ticking again. This works for both automatic and quartz watches, as well as just about any type of watch with moisture problems…

how to get water out of a watch

For the longest time I had been noticing that my watch was going from working fine to stopping without reason. I then realized that maybe there was some water in the case and it wasn’t working correctly because of that, so after a few months of dealing with this problem I decided to do something about it.

This instructable will show you how to remove moisture from the inside of your watch using all stuff you can find around the house. No need to buy anything expensive for this, but if you do want to make sure your watch is 100% dry after this process, follow the steps I’ve included at the end.

The Final Fantasy 8 remaster is coming out on March 3rd, 2019

It was originally announced on January 24th, 2019. Additionally, it’s coming to the PC for the first time ever. I don’t care much about FF8 but that last part is pretty cool tbh. I realize this isn’t a huge deal or anything but what are your thoughts? Will you be getting it? If so which version? I’m going to be getting it on PC. Anyway, new thread time! Here is the link. Feedback always appreciated!

It will be available for PS4 and Xbox One

I’m glad they brought this game to PC but also disappointed in them for doing it by porting the mobile version instead of using the original assets and updating it slightly to work with controllers/use higher resolution textures or something like that. The new UI as well as the whole touch-screen style of gameplay make it look like a mobile port and I find that pretty lame, but at least it will be on PC.

There are no plans to release the game for PC or Switch at this time.

I have a lot of questions about this remake tbh, like what changes will they make to the game? How will remastered graphics look on standard TVs (1080p) compared to PS4 Pro (4k)? Will the font/text be changed for this version? What gameplay changes are they going to make? Will they add or remove things from the story? How will this affect the item system and gameplay in general?

You can preorder it now if you want!

I would sell my soul to Satan for a remake of Final Fantasy 6 with modern remastered graphics. It’s not even the Square-Enix remaster, but rather something called “the Zodiac Age” which is apparently another version that was released on PS2 originally? I have no idea how any of that works tbh because the information isn’t really clear.

It’s a PS4 remaster, not a PC version or anything. Here is the announcement video where they announced it on January 24th, 2019. Apparently this is an HD remaster of the “Zodiac Job System” from the Japan-only PS2 release? They’re doing what FF7 did and making two versions of it, but this one is for the West which isn’t something that happened with FF7. I don’t really understand why they’re doing that to be honest?


Having moisture in your watch can cause all kinds of problems like stopping, not keeping time properly. This is especially bad if it’s an automatic (self-winding) watch because the moisture could get on the gears which will stop them from working. So get rid of that moisture and get your watch working again!

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