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Reasons Why Your Airpod Is Not Working

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When you are using the Apple AirPods, you should know that they are not working. This is because many people are buying them but the problem will occur with the earphones because there are many reasons why your airpod is not working even though it is new.

There are some typical problems which can make your AIRPODS stop working which are as follows. These are the common reasons why your airpods are not working properly. You need to know these problems before your earphones stop working. But do not worry because once you go through this article, you will find out about most of these solutions and definitely one of them will work for you.

Here I am going to tell you about some of the most common problems which will be fixed very easily

Automatic turn off

When your EarPods are not connected with the iPhone and if you want to use them for a long time, it automatically turns off. This is one of the issues which people find while using Apple AirPods. To fix this issue, simply open the charging case of your earphones and press the button located inside it. You can see that all your cases will connect with each other to stay active for some time.

No sound

One of the biggest issues is that you are not able to hear any sound from your AirPods no matter how hard you try. This is also a common problem. To fix this issue, you have to check the setting of your iPhone because it could be possible that someone has changed the sound settings which are not able to connect with the AirPods.

No response

If you do not get any response from your earphones then you need to reset them again by connecting them with another Apple device. If you do not have any other device then take your charging case and open it by pressing the button which is located inside the box. After this, press connect button on your earphones when they are in pairing mode. They will appear under all your devices when they are in pairing mode and you will be able to use them.

No power

If you are not getting any power in your earphones then it means your charging case is not providing any battery to them. To fix this issue, simply connect the box to a wall charger and plug it in for around five minutes and make sure that the lightning bolt appears which indicates that your AirPods case has started charging.

Connectivity issue

If your AirPods can not connect with any device then you will need to restart the device and also check whether it is paired or not. To do this, simply swipe up from your phone’s screen to open the control panel and tap on Bluetooth icon which will appear on top of it. After this, tap on the circular blue button to connect your AirPods with all Bluetooth devices. If it is not connected then you will need to put both of your earphones back in their box and press connect button again.

How to fix airpod case not charging

Apple AirPods comes with a case which has a built-in battery and you can charge them by simply placing them in the case. If your airpod charging case is not working then you should check that whether it is plugged into the power source or not. If it is properly connected and still, it does not work then you should check the charging port of the case. If it is dirty then you will need to clean it with a toothpick and connect it again if still, there is no change in the outcome then you should take your case to Apple service center for checking whether there is any issue or not.


Thank you for reading this article. I hope that it helped you out in some way or at least made you aware of the most common problems which people face with their Apple AirPods. If it did not work, don’t worry because I have given all possible solutions to whatever problem has happened to your earphones. If you are still unable to fix then you should take them into Apple service center if it is still under warranty or not.

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