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Pokemon Go with Team Medallion

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If you have been following the news at all, you might have heard of “Pokemon Go” by now. The augmented reality game uses your location to find and capture Pokemon within a virtual world filled with landmarks that look like real-life structures. You can then train your Pokemon and battle other trainers at their gyms for control over the area.

While the game is mostly harmless, there has been some sad news coming out of Missouri. Two young men decided to play Pokemon Go at night and went into a private property that they thought was part of the virtual world. Unfortunately for them, it was not only real life – it was an armed homeowner who shot one of the players dead.

how to switch teams on pokemon go

There is a way to avoid playing Pokemon Go at night or in areas you don’t want to be caught trespassing. Instead of moving your feet, simply use the Team Medallion from Polyrhythm Games! When you activate it, your avatar will warp instantly back to either nearby spawn points or gyms. If there isn’t one nearby and your character is in a dangerous situation, your character will teleport back to the last Pokemon Center you have visited.

Pokemon Go with Team Medallion

To join Team Medallion, simply purchase a starter pack from Polyrhythm Games’ in-game store. The starter pack includes the following items:

Team Medallion – ability to instantly warp around the real world! Gold member status for one year – special privileges in future multiplayer games A team rocket jacket and bandanna

How much does it cost?

While the starter packs are currently available for free, there is plan to make them purchasable in-game with real money. If you want to get your hands on the Team Medallion but don’t have time to level up, simply visit our online store! We offer 24 hour express shipping that will get you the pack in under an hour.

What benefits come with joining Team Medallion?

The biggest benefit of joining Team Medallion is the ability to warp immediately should you find yourself in an undesirable location. However, there are other benefits as well! Gold members get special discounts on all future Polyrhythm Games products and merchandise, such as Pokemon Go with Team Medallion apparel and collectibles. The most important thing though is that you are helping us help you!

How to find Gyms and Pokestops in your area

For all of you that are looking to join Team Medallion, we have good news for you. By using our network (and paid services), we can track exactly where Pokestops, Gyms and spawn points are in your area! Follow the link below to find them easily!

Additionally, once you acquire a starter pack from us, you will be able to level up and rank up for free without spending dozens of hours grinding. Just follow the link below!

Tips for catching rare Pokemon

If you are looking to catch rare Pokemon, such as a Lapras or Dragonite, there is a way to do it! Our network will inform us if anyone nearby has one of those types and we can send you an email where the rare Pokemon appear. Follow the link below and check out our services for more information!

We hope that you will join us in teaming up to catch Pokemon! Join today to receive your starter pack free within an hour! Enjoy special discounts, privileges, and free warp service for one year just for joining.


Pokémon Go with Team Medallion is a free to play augmented reality game where players roam around the real world and find Pokémon within their vicinity by using a mobile device’s GPS. While playing, virtual items known as Pokéballs are used to catch new Pokémon and battle other trainers at designated locations called “gyms.” The concept of the game was conceived in 2013 by Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokémon Company as an April Fools’ Day collaboration with Google, called the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge .

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