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Pokemon GO Gym Raids Private Group Tutorial

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At the behest of a fellow Redditor, I am writing this tutorial. It is based on my experience with Pokemon GO Gym Raids thus far and from what “little” I have been able to dig up online.

This guide will be posted for public knowledge, but if you would like to use it as an information source for a private group, you are free to do so. I have no affiliation with Reddit, Niantic, Nintendo or any third party service this may work with. No warranty is expressed or implied in this tutorial.

how to use group code pokemon go

Create your group based on your team. Use your team’s color when creating the group name. I don’t know if the order you use them in makes any difference, so I used Team Valor (Red) as an example in the screen shots below. Press create and let it load for a bit.

Now press “Communication.” On this screen, you can change the title of your group to whatever you want. I chose “Team Valor Gym Raids” because it is easy to understand and fits on one line. You will need this name later so don’t forget it!

What is a Pokemon GO Gym Raid Private Group Tutorial?

It’s a way to communicate with members of your gym raiding team so you can have an easier time coordinating raid times. Basically, you create a group or “channel” on WhatsApp or another free communication app and add everyone who is part of the same team. Once you have created the group, set it to private so no one else can join and share their codes with members of your group.

How do I get invited to the private group?

I don’t share the group code. You have to be invited by another member of your team who is already in the group. I do know that it’s a 20 digit code, so you should share only 10 digits at a time until someone joins. Then you can send the rest of the numbers and they just need to add them to the end of the code they already have.

It’s also a good idea to change your name on WhatsApp to something that is easy to recognize, since it shows up with the group code when people try to invite you. I use my team color or “Red” in my name so there would be no question.

Why should I join a raid with a private group  instead of just finding raids online?

I’m not sure anyone can answer this question for you. I know it gives you an advantage in raids because you are with other people who are also challenging the gym at the same time. There is strength in numbers, so even if your team isn’t that strong, having everyone show up makes a difference.

Of course, it also depends on what you want out of the game. If you like the idea of hunting rare Pokemon and working together with other players to accomplish your goals, then this might be a good fit for you.

When should I start my raids in order to complete them all in time for rewards ?

You should start trying to take down the gym as soon as possible if you want to complete all 7 raids in time. It’s proven that you can do it with just 5, but I’m sure everyone would rather be able to do them all at once and get multiple chances at rewards than having to wait for the next time they rotate again.


This is the most helpful information I have been able to find online so far.  You can use it as a private group or just share this information with your friends and teammates.

Good luck and happy raiding!

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