New World player hits level cap without killing anything

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There has been a new player on the server for awhile now, and they have never killed anyone. This is causing some confusion as to what type of reward it will receive from killing something, or whether they’ll be able to continue playing without doing anything at all.

The player is a level 30 and has been playing for three hours. The game removes all enemies, so the only way to test their skillset is to take things slowly and carefully

The pacifist’s test. A challenge in which a player attempts to reach the game’s level max without battling a single enemy. It’s a long-standing achievement that few MMORPG players dare to try, but ORobozinho has done exactly that in New World, reaching level 60 without killing a single opponent, except for those he was obliged to kill during the tutorial.

The accomplishment took 10 days and 13 hours to complete, with the majority of the time spent collecting, crafting, and completing town board and explorer missions, particularly between levels 40 and 60. Almost none of the game’s primary plot tasks were completed, and everything that could be gathered, from stones to iron and beyond, was harvested. With the exception of the instructional mission that required him to kill and skin a boar, which evidently didn’t count towards progress towards the Skinning talent, as the trade skills portion of his character sheet states, ORobozinho didn’t even touch a single animal to reach cap.

So, how does ORobozinho feel now that he’s reached 60 by scavenging New World’s natural resources? He writes, “I want to weep a lot.” So, how about a heartfelt congrats to him?


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