Let’s Talk R-Rated Superhero Movies for a Second

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The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has led to a boom in superhero films, with some even earning R-ratings. This is an interesting phenomenon because it’s not like these movies are for everyone, but they still make money and get people excited.

The r-rated superhero series is a term that is used to describe movies with a more adult and violent theme. These movies are often rated R due to the violence and sexual content.



The Suicide Squad has a strong R rating, as one would anticipate given the film’s first red band teaser trailer. Those who have seen the picture praise it for its blood and guts, and Brandon Davis of thinks it’s “violent as hell, vulgar, and merciless,” allowing James Gunn to be “totally liberated.” At times, he even characterizes it as overpowering.

We witness King Shark (Sly Stallone) tear someone in two — hot dog way, not the PG-13 “hamburger style” approach — and there are plenty of profanities in the trailer. “Strong violence and gore, profanity throughout, some sexual allusions, drug use, and short graphic nudity,” according to the MPAA.

However, the majority of the characters in the series are based on traditional comic book characters created for a broad audience. Harley Quinn originally debuted in Batman: The Animated Series, a program that was aimed towards children while being grim. Peacemaker was created by Charlton during the Golden Age of Comics, a long cry from the incarnation of the character played by John Cena in The Suicide Squad.

As a result, the question begs to be asked: what is it with R-rated superheroes? We’ve seen Joker and a couple of Deadpool movies perform very well at the box office in recent years. Blood and guts are often enough shock value to push a film to higher heights in the arena of debate and, as a result, boost box office revenues.

But, even if the film isn’t a financial success, Gunn may have said it best: an R-rated film keeps superhero filmmaking fresh and innovative.

Gunn told The Irish Times earlier this month, “We know about the way cowboy pictures went, and the way war films went.” “I don’t know, I don’t believe you have to be a genius to understand that there’s a cycle to those kinds of films, and that the only chance for the future of comic books and superhero films is to mix things up,” she says. They’re complete morons. And for now, they’re mainly uninteresting for me.

“At first, I was enamored with them. When they initially began producing such movies, I was ecstatic. When I was a child, it was all about the visual effects of Superman. He went on to say, “I still adore that movie.” “I know, that’s a man on wires and bluescreen with terrible visual effects,” I said. Then, when Iron Man was released, I was all in. You have the ability to create a man fly around who seems to be a man flying around. And it was wonderful to be able to do so. But if the movies don’t evolve, it’ll become very boring.”

Gunn is in the process of changing them up. The Suicide Squad has been the topic of social media thanks to its harsh R rating, as early reviews examine the chaos and violence of the events. Is a R rating required for a successful film? Absolutely not – a simple look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe will show you that — but it could be useful.

The Suicide Squad will be released in cinemas and on HBO Max on August 5th.

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