Learn how to rate someone on Facebook marketplace

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Have you ever bought or sold something on facebook marketplace and then had a bad experience with the seller? You take to heart and know that the only way to tell people about your experience is by rating them.

What actually is Marketplace?

Marketplace is a social media app that is similar to Craigslist, but has less listings and more people on it.   The way it works is you post an item for sale or a piece of furniture you would like to give away and then people contact you within the app through messages to make a time and place to pick up your items.

Marketplace used to be called Facebook Marketplace, but they have recently changed to an app so you can get it on your phone.

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How to rate someone on Facebook Marketplace? Here’s how:

  1. From the home screen of Facebook, click Marketplace and in the search bar, type in the name of the person you wish to rate.
  2. Locate and click on an item that is under their account/profile name.
  3. Click Reply at the top left of the comment section below the listing (see step 4).
  4. Type out your rating and then hit submit (see step 5).
  5. It will direct you to the page where you can decide which star ranking (1-5) and a comment if you would like.
  6. Once you hit submit, it will inform the person who is being rated that they have been rated and then let them know what has been said about them.

IMPORTANT: If you are the seller and you get a bad review, try to work it out with them before they submit the review. Most people would rather work out an issue then read something negative about them online.

What are the benefits of Marketplace?

The benefit of using this app over Craigslist is that people are more likely to buy your items or give away their furniture because it requires both parties to sign up with their facebook accounts. This makes it more of a personal connection between the two people who are interested in getting rid of their stuff or buying your stuff.

In addition, Facebook Marketplace has more listings overall and there is less spam from people trying to sell you things illegally.

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Tips for using Facebook Marketplace:

-When selling, tag a photo of the damage or wear on the item to make it more realistic and personable.

-Include measurements of furniture when posting.  This will help people see if it will fit in their home before they go out to pick it up.

-Post your items for free on Facebook Marketplace because there is less of a chance that your items will sell if you charge for them.  If they don’t sell in a month, then consider selling them on Craigslist or getting rid of them altogether.

-When buying, be patient and willing to drive further out because most people want to meet at their house and the closer it is the better.  In addition, meet in a public place and bring another person.

-Ask questions about the item and use them as conversation starters.  Once an agreement has been made and money is exchanged, there should be no longer communication between the two parties beyond thanking each other for their time.

-If you need to cancel your transaction because the item was not what you expected, offer to reimburse them for their time because they may need that money (see below).


Overall, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make some extra money or give away that old furniture you don’t need anymore.  In addition, it is a great alternative to Craigslist because it has less spam and people are more trustworthy on this platform. Just keep in mind to always be safe when meeting with someone from craigslist or from the app and make sure to follow these guidelines when using this app.

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