Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Had Many Similarities Except When It Came to Their Sneakers

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Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were two of the NBA’s most dominant players in the 1980s. They both had similar playing styles, but they also had some key differences in their sneaker preferences.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson had many similarities, except when it came to their sneakers.

Because of their basketball abilities, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have long been connected. When the two studs joined the NBA after their dramatic NCAA championship game in 1979, they elevated the league to new heights. The Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers rivalry was reignited by Bird and Magic, who dominated the 1980s.

They shared so much, even down to their footwear. They both wore Converse All-Stars, but there was one significant difference between them.

In the 1980s, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson took over the NBA.


Larry-Magic-1-1024x683 After practice for the men’s basketball tournament at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, Larry Bird (L) and Magic Johnson (R) of Team USA address questions from the media. | Sportswire Icon

Every year throughout the 1980s, the NBA Finals featured either the Celtics or the Lakers. They squared off three times against each other. The Celtics and Lakers controlled the league, and Bird and Johnson were instrumental in their success.

From 1984 to 1986, Bird earned three consecutive MVP awards. In 1984, against the Lakers, and again in 1986, against the Houston Rockets, he led the Celts to NBA championships. In 1981, against the Rockets, Bird and the Celtics won the title.

Johnson’s first year, 1980, saw Magic and the Lakers win the NBA title. In 1982, they won it again, this time against the Philadelphia 76ers. In 1985, the Lakers exacted vengeance on the Celtics before going on to win back-to-back championships in 1987 and 1988.

Eight titles and six MVP awards were shared by the two. The two Hall of Famers have always been and will always be connected.

When it came to their Converse All-Stars, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson had a disagreement. RYJE

Converse All-Stars were the Nikes of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Converse became famous in basketball thanks to Julius Erving, and Johnson and Bird, among others, went on board. Johnson became dissatisfied with the business as their careers progressed, and he ended his contract shortly after the Olympics. Converse was chastised by Johnson for not keeping up with the times.

According to The Associated News, Johnson remarked in an informal press conference after a Team USA basketball practice, “Converse is still living in the 1960s and 1970s.” ′′They haven’t come in the 1980s and 1990s, when advertising and marketing were the most important factors. Guys like Larry and myself are unable to go to the next level.′′

Bird allegedly remarked after the press conference, ′′I’ll probably be next.′′ Later, he said that the remark was taken out of context and that he would never abandon Converse.

According to United Press International, Bird said, “I will remain with Converse till the day I die.” “I’ve been a Converse fan since I was in high school, and I’ve always been pleased with their goods. They’ve always been kind to me. My comments in Monte Carlo had nothing to do with Converse, and I apologize for any misunderstandings.”

Converse was chastised by Magic for claiming that players would not sell shoes.

Despite the fact that Johnson announced his departure from Converse late in his career, he said that he had been dissatisfied with the shoe business for a long time. His partnership with Converse started in 1979, and his deal with the company lasted until 1994.

According to UPI, Johnson’s problem with Converse stemmed from the company’s failure to follow his recommendations. He felt that players’ shoes should be named after them, like Nike did with Michael Jordan.

“Over the last ten years, Nike and Reebok have caught Converse flatfooted on their way to the top of the basketball shoe market,” Johnson added.

Johnson’s announcement astounded the business.

“Considering the great support we have given Magic, his reported declaration from Monte Carlo came as both a surprise and a shock to us,” Converse President Gib Ford stated. “Over the course of our 13-year partnership with Magic, Converse has spent more than $35 million on marketing and advertising campaigns for him, as well as developing a brand of shoes and sportswear in his name.”

Johnson did remark, though, that the divorce would be beneficial to both parties.

According to the Associated Press, he added, “They grew tired of me whining, and I got tired of them not listening.”

During the 1984 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers never trusted the Boston Celtics because they didn’t know who was watching.

The magic johnson height is a topic that has been talked about for years. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have many similarities, but one of the differences was when it came to their sneakers.

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