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Fix Volume Turned Down Notifications

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For some users, whenever they adjust the volume of their phone (e.g. changing it to vibrate) and then turn up the ringtone/media sounds again, a notification pops up saying ‘Your media volume is turned down’ at the top of their screen . It can get really annoying if they are repeating this process often throughout the day.

While the notification only pops up once, it is still annoying and may force some users to turn up their volume all the way to avoid seeing this message repeatedly.

how to turn down notification volume on iphone

The reason for this notification is that the device thinks you’re trying to adjust your ring volume and not media volume. It pops up every time even if you’ve already disabled this toggle. To fix it, go into Settings > Notifications and then turn off Media Volume in the ‘Incoming’ tab.

Now, the notification will only show up once and not every time you turn up your volume.

Check if mute button is turned on or not you can find in control center.

If the notification still pops up every time, check if Do Not Disturb is enabled in Settings > Do Not Disturb. The toggle should be turned off if you want to see app notifications when your phone is muted or when it’s on vibrate mode.

For users who are using music apps like Spotify, Pandora, etc., it is recommended to use the native music player instead. It actually uses the volume buttons to control your ring/media volume so if you adjust the volume in this app, you’ll never see that annoying notification again.

Go to sound settings and increase the volume for phone ringtone and media volume.

If the notifications still won’t go away, it is possible that a 3rd-party app is causing this issue after updating to iOS 10.1. Since there’s no way of knowing which app exactly causes this problem, try reinstalling or updating all apps one by one until you see the notification again.

Other possible underlying issues are if you have turned on the ‘Enhance Volume’ option in Settings > Music or by using 3rd-party apps to boost your ringtone’s volume. This is not recommended as it may damage your phone speakers over time so it is better to leave this feature off.

If problem persists, restart your device.

If none of these tips work, back up your data and restore your iPhone. If you don’t want to reset all settings, try backing up only the music or other files that are causing problems in case you are able to sort out this issue after restoring the backup.

Download an app to fix notification volume on iphone

If you don’t want to change volume settings every time, try downloading an app like SoundVolumeHUD+ (iOS 7 & 8) or Volume Notifier (iOS 9) which will show your volume levels in the status bar. These apps can also be great for visually impaired users who rely on the sound of the alert to know the volume level.

The notification won’t appear again once you’ve disabled it so you can also try turning up your ring and media sound using a different method to avoid this problem completely. It’s best if you use the buttons on your device instead of third-party apps as some users have reported seeing this notification even when they used the Volume HUD app.


This notification can be a little annoying to deal with for some users so hopefully the tips above will fix it. If nothing works, try restoring your device to see if that resolves the issue.

If you have other questions or comments about this problem, leave them in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to help!

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