Albion Online examines Lands Awakened’s guild PvP, opens influencer program

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Albion Online explores Lands Awakened’s guild PvP and opens up an influencer program. Game Director David Bowman announces that he will be watching for new ways to increase player activity, such as challenging the meta with changes like this.

Albion Online is a free-to-play action MMORPG that has recently released a new expansion, “Lands Awakened”. The expansion introduces guild PvP and an influencer program.

When Albion Online’s Lands Awakened update debuts on November 24th, it will undoubtedly bring significant changes to the PvP meta, including a major reworking of guild warfare prizes. This week, Sandbox Interactive released a fresh dev blog that gives gamers an indication of what to anticipate.

For starters, the 14th competitive guild season starts on November 27th, only a few days after launch (that’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, in case you’re curious). SBI wanted to make seasons “less about territorial control and passive revenue,” so it’s introducing the Conqueror’s Challenge, which works similarly to the monthly challenges in that it distributes unique incentives throughout time and in return for a broader variety of activities. Special invulnerable HQ hideouts are also being added by the studio.

In other Albion Online news, Sandbox unveiled the Albion Online Creators Program this week, which is essentially a standard influencer-oriented program aimed at sponsoring video and stream stars to promote the game. Accepted influencers will get free subscriptions, giveaway coupons, special vanity skins, secret Discord server access, social media marketing, and Twitch drops (beginning next year).


The “albion online news” is a blog post from Albion Online that examines the guild PvP system and their influencer program.

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