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Wall Street’s winners of the last six months may not be its best investment option down the line. Here are three stocks to avoid, and some others that might make for better long-term picks.

The “cheap stocks to buy today” is a website that lists 3 stocks for the post. The site also provides information on the stock’s history and how it has performed in the past.

Andrea Jankelow Investing 25 October 2021 Andrea Jankelow Investing 25 October 2021 Andrea Jankelow Investing


Which is better, Pfizer or Moderna? AstraZeneca or J&J? When was the last time you asked someone what sort of vaccination they received before Covid?

The epidemic has changed medicine and biotech forever, and investors have profited handsomely as a consequence. In only two years, BioNTech has grown by more than 220%. In the same time frame, Moderna has increased by almost 280%.

According to industry insiders, the pandemic has hastened the rise of the biotech sector by as much as a decade.

We at The Motley Fool have always avoided biotech stocks due to their unpredictability. However, we feel that this is one of the greatest new investment categories available right now.

“Just as the digital revolution drove innovation in the final half of the twentieth century, the biotech revolution will drive innovation in the first half of the twenty-first century,” the Wall Street Journal said. Children who study digital coding will be outperformed by those who study life’s code.”

Biotech will, without a doubt, be a significant moneymaker. However, many investors feel it is too difficult to unravel, which means that many of these lesser-known biotechs typically stay cheap for a very long period…

In fact, the bulk of those that aren’t vaccinations have been battered very recent months, resulting in appealing entry opportunities if you know where to look.

Our Rule Breakers experts, who correctly predicted Mercadolibre in 2009 (up 10,544%), Tesla in 2011 (up 14,362%), and Shopify in 2016 (up 6,683%), have identified three biotech companies that we believe are poised for tremendous development in the coming years.

Long before mRNA was popular, one of them, an out-of-favor underdog, was into messenger RNA (mRNA). It’s shaping up to be a probable breakthrough star at a discount price, thanks to new developments in the pipeline.

Due to their exclusivity on the market for one specific chronic ailment (and patents that don’t expire for a long time), another pick has a lot of room for development. They’re also branching out into new medical fields. Investors will discover a stable steady-state firm at an attractive price, with plenty of potential to expand and take on more.

Antibodies and cancer are two of the trendiest terms in biotech right now, according to our experts’ third choice. But they have the science and medicine to back up the hype – in fact, they have a new medication under FDA evaluation that might imply a profit boost for years to come.

All of the specifics on these stocks can be found in our new Biotech Report, which is accessible to Rule Breakers members for free. You have nothing to lose with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If the service isn’t for you, that’s OK; you’ll still receive the report (along with information on the three stocks we expose within) as a gift from us.

Simply submit your email address below to learn more about how to join Rule Breakers and why we believe these three companies will be breakout winners in a post-Covid future.

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