10 Programs for 3D Modeling

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Three-dimensional (3D) Modeling is obtaining a 3D image or graphics using a computer program.

Modern computer graphics allows you to create images very close to the real one, taking much less time than making the most real spatial model.

Several programs can create three-dimensional models for any field, from movies and animations to games for real money National Casino. Let’s look at several free and paid programs for 3D Modeling.


In recent years, printing with three-dimensional printers has become widespread, which has made it possible to obtain and print replacement models of broken objects used even in everyday life.

PLA and ABS materials are most frequently used for 3D printing.

The most straightforward and accessible program for this is considered to be FreeCad, which is free.

On the Internet, you can find extensive information and several video tutorials, with the help of which even beginners in this field can master the program in a short time.

FreeCad has several tools, one of which is to obtain a model using the most straightforward trigonometric spatial images.


This program is already for those who have been in the field of three-dimensional Modeling for a longer time.

The monthly fee for its use is $210.

Recently, several versions of AutoCAD have been released. The tools of each of them are focused on a specific area: architecture, mechanical engineering, general engineering, mapping, pipe laying, and so on.


ArchiCad is used in architecture. With its help, you can get the exterior and interior appearance and design of the building.

The program has several libraries of ready-made objects that can be used immediately:

With the program’s help, you can model natural landscapes, gardens, forests, etc.

It also allows you to obtain a three-dimensional model from a two-dimensional drawing automatically.


Given that it uses a unique format for creating models – a field of programming commands – this program may be less well-known and may only interest a small number of people.

openscad may interest programmers. To get each image, you need to enter the appropriate programming command and get the most straightforward trigonometric spatial ideas: a cube, a ball, a cone, or a cylinder.

Combining, cropping, and deleting images is carried out using programming functions.

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TinkerCad is an online platform accessible to everyone and makes it easy to get various models.

Unlike the tools of several modeling programs, it is possible to work with stl format models on this platform.

It also has a block programming domain similar to the Scratch program.

3D Max

This is probably one of the most popular programs that both beginners and experienced professionals can use.

The monthly fee is $205, but it has the possibility of free use for a period of 1 month to 3 years.

3D Max is one of the unique programs that can be used for any purpose.

In particular, it creates characters or settings in films, games, and cartoons.

It contains a variety of materials (metals, different types of wood, stones, water, etc.), which make the model’s appearance more realistic and detailed.


The monthly fee for this program is $205.

Maya is more focused on creating complex characters for games, as well as animations and films.

Thanks to particular tools and modules of the program, you can get very close to natural waves of water, the movement of hair or clothes, or the course of a gunshot.


Blender is unique. Although it is free, it has many features that both beginners and professionals can use.

It can be used both for image modeling, creating the right environment, and creating and editing animations.

Despite the many features, it takes up only 200 MB of memory. It works in the Python programming language and also has a Python instruction domain, with which you can create game characters and automate their actions:


Այս ծրագրի գործիքակազմը շատ հարմար է քանդակագործների աշխատանքում, ինչպես նաեւ մարդկանց կամ կենդանիների կերպարներ ստանալու համար։ Zbrush-ով ստացված մոդելները կարելի է արտահանել եւ օգտագործել այլ ծրագրերում, քանի որ այն նախատեսված է միայն մոդելը ստանալու համար։ Ծրագրի ամսական արժեքը կազմում է 40 ԱՄՆ դոլար։

The tools of this program are very convenient in the work of sculptors, as well as for creating figures of people or animals.

Models created with Zbrush can be exported and used in other applications.

The monthly fee is $40.

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Rhino is widely used in jewelry, machine modeling, and shipbuilding.

It has the ability to export models in more than 30 formats. It is not so challenging to study, but it is also meant for professional activity.

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