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Waze Features to Google Maps

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Hello everyone, Mashiro from Team Eternal here! In this post, I will be comparing the features of Waze to Google Maps.

For those who don’t know what these apps are, both Waze and Google Maps use a GPS system in order to direct you to your destination by giving you an accurate route. The differences between the two are that Waze gives you up to date reports of traffic, police checks, road closures, car accidents and more while Google Maps is a little less detailed.

Waze Features:

Up to Date Reports: The app gives real time information about the condition of roads and current events along your route! If there’s heavy traffic on your way to work, Waze will let you know and give you alternate ways to get there. The app also gives an accurate arrival time because it calculates the time it takes for you to arrive at your destination based on the current speed of your vehicle.

Social Networking: In addition to showing traffic information, Waze has a social aspect that allows you to connect with other drivers. You can check out what people are reporting on the road and warn others about accidents, police checks or closed roads! You can also chat with your friends using the app.

Efficient: Waze will give you an accurate arrival time because it calculates the time it takes for you to arrive at your destination based on the current speed of your vehicle. Also, with Waze you can avoid highways and tolls and find gas stations and traffic cameras along the way.

Google Maps Features:

Easy to Use: Google Maps is a great app that’s easy to use! You can enter an address or choose a place (such as your current location) in order to plan a route. The app will then show you the best way to get there, including highways and tolls.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation: Google Maps has voice guided navigation that shows you directions while also speaking them to you! With Waze, if your phone falls silent for a while it might not recalculate the route when traffic gets bad.


Google Maps is compatible with most smart phones and tablets so you can use it whether you’re at home, work or on the go! On the other hand, Waze only works on smartphones. That means if you want to avoid heavy traffic on your way to work and bring Waze for navigation, you’d have to spend extra money on a smartphone.

Extra Info:

Google Maps shows you places around your route that you might find interesting, such as hotels and gas stations! You can also search for specific locations or restaurants along the way. Waze does not have this feature since it only gives traffic updates and reports from other users.

Also, Google Maps is owned by Google and is therefore easier to access! Waze was recently acquired by Facebook, which means it has a smaller user base.

One more thing!: If you don’t want to drive on highways, Google Maps will help you avoid them by giving directions that use local roads. Waze does not have this feature because it only calculates the best route based on your current location, regardless of how many roads you cross!


Overall, I think that both apps are good and useful to have. It all depends on which features you like more and how much you want to spend!. So basically if you’re looking for up to date traffic updates and reports from other users on the road, Waze will be perfect for you! But if you just want an average navigation app that shows you the best route to take while also giving you a little extra info about your destination, Google Maps would be better!

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