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Ways To Speed Up Your Iphone XR

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The iPhone XR happens to be a great device. It has the best of both worlds – display and performance – that other brands cannot boast of. Because it has a high-end CPU and GPU, users can expect an amazing performance and speed. This makes the Apple’s latest product highly desirable by many consumers. However, like any other electronic gadget, the iPhone XR is not perfect and has some minor issues.

Having a long list of apps installed on it considerably slows down its speed and performance. So, if you want to give your iPhone XR that turbo boost which will enable it to function as fast as possible, then it is advised that you read the following tips.

Close Out Your Background Apps

Open apps and programs on your iPhone XR eat up a lot of resources and make things slower for you. There’s no need to keep all those apps running in the background if you don’t need them at present. They also slow down your phone because they run in the background. Therefore, you should always close out your apps after using them so that they don’t continue to occupy space on the RAM which will make things slow for you. You can access all your open applications/programs by double clicking on the home button which is located at the bottom of your display.

Disable Automatic App Updates

You might want to disable the automatic updates for apps that you don’t use often. This will prevent your iPhone XR from updating these apps automatically which can be a big cause of concern sometimes because each time an app is updated it utilizes large amounts of data and this slows down your phone. To turn off automatic app updates, follow any of the following tips:

Go to Settings, then go to iTunes & App Store. Tap on the Automatic Downloads option and switch off Updates. You can also turn off automatic updates for individual apps by going into the app store and disabling updates there too. This is an easy way to reduce data usage.

Close Out Unused Tabs in Safari

An excellent browser like Safari is a must for any iPhone XR. To stay safe and protected from malware, you should always use this option to surf the net. However, if too many tabs are open on your browser and you aren’t using them then your device will take some time to load webpages each time you open a new tab. Therefore, to speed things up and avoid wasting resources you should close out all the unused tabs after surfing through them.

Quit Background Running Apps & Tabs in Chrome

Google’s browser Chrome is another excellent option for web browsing. However, even this app can sometimes slow down your iPhone XR when multiple tabs and apps are open and running in the background. Therefore, you should always quit all unused tabs and apps after using them. You can do this by swiping upwards on each tab to close it out.

Why is my iphone xr so slow

Why is my iphone xr so slow after the latest update? Why is my iphone xr so slow after the latest update? If you have noticed that your iPhone XR has suddenly become slower and unresponsive, then there are a number of things that can be done to improve its performance. Simply restarting your device will help rectify most issues with it because it allows your phone to clear out any bugs and glitch that it might be experiencing. The only problem with this method is that you need to wait for a long time before your phone starts up again.


These were a few tips that you can follow to speed up your iPhone XR. In case you have any questions or need help then you should always contact Apple support for further assistance.

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