The Daily Grind: Is New World’s economy already in trouble?

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The global economy is in a precarious state, with the US and China at odds over trade. What happens when these two titans of economic power start to go head-to-head?

The will the economy crash in 2021 is a question that many are wondering about. The Daily Grind’s article will provide insight into whether or not the economy has already crashed.

We critiqued the game’s nascent economy on the MassivelyOP New World roundtable podcast a few weeks ago, asking aloud if it would ever perk up and escape the oversupply issue that appeared to render the trade stations a wasteland. In fact, in the past several weeks, the exact reverse has occurred. MOP reader r00ch sent us a pair of Reddit and Player Auctions blog articles arguing that the issue isn’t an excess of items and materials, but rather an undersupply of money – deflation, as opposed to the inflation seen in most other MMORPGs.

The problem, according to gamers, is that Amazon has spent so much effort into preventing inflation that it has built too many drains for the little quantity of money pushed into the game. Typically, games feature an insufficient number of faucets for the amount of faucets that game developers can’t help but make. Players in New World, on the other hand, are strapped for cash since the game doesn’t provide anything in the way of money in return for PvE activities, but instead demands that they pay exorbitant fees for everything from crafting to housing, not to mention territorial taxes. On other servers, it’s even led to a barter economy, as shown by the vacant trade stations we’ve observed from town to town. It’s become cheaper to purchase new things than to fix them, making crafting useless – and costly to risk wear-and-tear on the stuff you already have, particularly if your main gaming activity is one that doesn’t produce much income, like PvP.

Do you see something similar on your New World server? Is the economy of the New World in danger, and if so, what should Amazon do about it?

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