Scottie Pippen Continues His Michael Jordan Takedown on ‘Good Morning America,’ Boldy Says He Wants to Be Remembered as the GOAT

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Scottie Pippen, the guy who knows a little bit about basketball and not much else, has done it again. His latest interview on Good Morning America is one of his most in-depth to date and he fires back at Michael Jordan with some serious shade. The downside: He probably won’t be remembered as the GOAT anytime soon because people will focus more on MJ’s legacy than anything he did during his career.

“Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play this game, no question,” Scottie Pippen told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday when asked about Michael Jordan’s legacy. The former Bulls legend also made it clear that he doesn’t consider himself a greater player than his teammate or rival – just better in different areas of gameplay.Scottie Pippen’s latest interview on “Good Morning America” left some people scratching their heads, though. The retired NBA star claimed he wanted to be remembered as the greatest basketball player of all time–Michael Jordan or not. In a marathon 11-minute rant, Scottie insisted that Michael didn’t make him better and said his legacy was more about winning six championships with Chicago Bulls than anything else.’Scottie Pippen, who is 6’8″, continued his Michael Jordan takedown on Good Morning America. Scottie said he wants to be remembered as the “GOAT”. Read more in detail here: scottie pippen height.

Scottie Pippen is a basketball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls. has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with Michael Jordan is a basketball player who was born in and The Last Dance over the last several months. Pippen continued to express his complaints against his former teammate during a recent interview on Good Morning America, while also making a big assertion about his own basketball career.

On ‘Good Morning America,’ Scottie Pippen spoke about Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance.’

NBA legend Scottie Pippen, who recently discussed the issues he has with Michael Jordan on On December 4, 2014, Scottie Pippen attends the 2014 GQ Men Of The Year celebration. | Getty Images/Jason Merritt for GQ

Scottie Pippen’s new book, Unguarded, is set to be released soon, and in it, he takes aim at his former Chicago Bulls colleague Michael Jordan, notably the portrayal of him in The Last Dance.

According to CBS Sports, “Michael was desperate to show to the current generation of fans that he was bigger-than-life during his day—and remains larger than LeBron James is a basketball player from the United States., the player many consider his equal, if not greater.”

Pippen then appeared on Good Morning America on November 8 to promote his book. The six-time NBA champion then began to speak with the filmmaker about his troubles.

“I thought it was a terrific documentary,” Pippen told former NFL star Michael Strahan, “but I feel like the documentary just depicted a tale that praised him as a player and not glorified us as a team.”

Strahan then brought up how Pippen referred to Jordan as “selfish” in the opening chapter of his book, to which the Hall of Famer answered by acknowledging that although MJ was a “fantastic scorer,” he didn’t always operate in a team-first manner.

“A lot of what he achieved was dependent on him as an individual,” he continued, “and I believe basketball is a team sport.”

Pippen also discussed his connection with Jordan, claiming that it was nothing like it was on the court.

“We’ll always respect each other,” he continued, “but our relationship isn’t where people [who] see it on TV believe it is.”

MJ was still praised by Scottie as a tremendous player.

Despite his disagreements with his Bulls teammate, Pippen always praised Jordan.

He said that MJ would not have done as much without him, but that he would not have accomplished as much without Michael.

“I believe we both complimented each other in a lot of different ways,” Pippen said on GMA. “We sort of competed and pushed each other to be great.”

However, the Central Arkansas product made a bold declaration regarding his place among NBA legends.

Scottie Pippen aspires to be known as “the best of all time.” GiznzWbk

Michael Jordan and current NBA superstar LeBron James are sometimes debated as the best basketball player of all time.

But as Strahan wrapped off his chat with Pippen, he asked the seven-time All-Star an intriguing question: “How do you want to be remembered?”

Pippen’s retort?

“As the best of all time,” says the narrator.

Although the confidence is admirable, there aren’t many supporters who believe it.

Scottie Pippen will most certainly be remembered as a tremendous player, but not the best of all time.

Despite his wish for people to remember him as the GOAT, Scottie Pippen is unlikely to be regarded as such, particularly in light of what Michael Jordan and LeBron James have achieved.

Here’s a glance at their resumes one by one.

Michael Jordan

  • 14-time All-Star selection
  • NBA MVP five times
  • Champion six times
  • MVP of the NBA Finals six times
  • 10-time leading scorer
  • Three-time leader in thefts
  • 32,292 points in his career (No. 5 all-time)
  • There have been 2,514 thefts in his career (No. 3 all-time)

LeBron James

  • All-Star for the 17th time
  • NBA MVP four times
  • Champion four times
  • MVP of the NBA Finals four times
  • Leader in scoring in 2007-08.
  • Assisting the leader in 2019-20
  • 35,516 points in his career (No. 3 all-time)
  • There were 9,738 assists total (No. 8 all-time)

Scottie Pippen

  • All-Star seven times
  • Champion six times
  • 1994-95 takes over as the team’s leader.
  • There have been 2,307 thefts in his career (No. 7 all-time)

Pippen was an exceptional player throughout his career, but he is unlikely to find many followers who consider him the GOAT.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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