Games Inbox: Will Sony make a Game Pass for PS5?

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Sony is looking to make a big splash with the PlayStation 5, but it will have to do so without Game Pass.

The why is the ps5 so hard to get is a question that has been asked for years. Sony has not yet announced any plans for a Game Pass service, but it’s possible they could make one in the future.

PlayStation Plus – is it bad for indie gaming?

What would a premium version of PlayStation Plus look like? (Sony photo)

One reader begs for a Soul Reaver resurrection in the Thursday Inbox, since Ubisoft refuses to create a new Splinter Cell.

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The second time around There’s a rumor that a more costly version of PlayStation Plus is on the way (PlayStation ++?). Crunchyroll (why is it named that?) is not anything I’m interested in. But isn’t it not the only thing provided as a bonus? The obvious question is if this is Sony preparing to launch their own version of Game Pass. Personally, I really hope so.

I understand that they can’t afford it as readily as Microsoft, but I believe that if the PlayStation 5 had a Game Pass that gave you access to all of the first-party titles right immediately, there would be no doubt that it was the greatest system to buy. Perhaps Sony just needs to raise the price of Game Pass or provide less third-party game offers — they don’t really need them, considering how excellent their first-party content is.

I believe it must be done sooner rather than later, since else Microsoft will become the default option (I’m not anti-Microsoft; I’m simply speaking from Sony’s viewpoint). Things are still up in the air, and a PlayStation++ may extend Sony’s advantage to insurmountable proportions. Grackle

GC: We think Crunchyroll’s co-founder also founded Greggs (we have no idea about the name).

There are no new games. Why do I get the impression that Ubisoft All-Star Blast has scraped some kind of barrel? Is Ubisoft experiencing financial difficulties to the point that they have to resort to this? But the real question is why is Ubisoft so eager to use Sam Fisher in everything but his own game?

I understand that stealth isn’t as popular as it once was, but mix things up a little. They’re even talking about creating a Splinter Cell movie, but what good is that if no one understands what it is? Younger players are unlikely to care, and the game will devolve into a generic action film.

They clearly recognize his importance, or else they wouldn’t keep employing him, but how much longer can this go on? At the very least, I’d think making him an operator in Rainbow Six would be a no-brainer. Sorbo

GC: He was in Rainbow Six Siege, but he was given the nickname Zero for some reason.

A Forgotten Legacy I can’t believe Burnout is now the most sought-after video game resurrection, much alone some Lord of the Rings real-time strategy I’ve never heard of. But then then, I suppose we’re nearly out of well-known games that haven’t been updated at this point. Regardless of how many people voted for it, I’d think it was a strange list.

For what it’s worth, my favorite of the aforementioned games is Soul Reaver, which I believe deserves to be revived. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been done yet, but my hunch is that Square Enix thinks the narrative is too complex and strange. I suppose it’s very 90s and a little goth, but I really liked it at the time – even if I haven’t played it in years.

Given the number of games that have recently been relaunched, particularly those from Square Enix, it seems strange to leave it off. They could at the very least make a new Legacy Of Kain game, but I don’t believe they’ve even hinted at it. Benson

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A strategy With the release of the new Black Panther DLC, I’m curious as to what the Avengers’ strategy was prior to the epidemic. Maybe I’m being kind in thinking there was once a better plan, but they did claim Spider-Man will arrive in the first part of the year, which clearly didn’t happen, and it hasn’t been discussed since.

So, should we have had a lot more heroes and villains by now, or was it always the idea to battle stupid robots for 95% of the time? It’s a strange game in a lot of ways. The fighting is excellent, but the missions are structured in such a manner that you are tempted to approach them as a button-masher.

Even though the epidemic caused issues, it seems that the plan to introduce two Hawkeyes as the first new characters was always in place, which begs the question: why? Gorgon

Fortnite has a new version. I’d love to see Epic Games try something different with Fortnite, and an open world role-player seems like the perfect fit. I’m envisioning something along the lines of GTA Online with a co-op Fallout. Fortnite is a strange game since, despite its popularity, I had no clue those characters had names. Other than the licensed characters, I had no idea there were characters in Fortnite.

It’s not for me since I’m not much of a shooter player, but it appears to have a nice sense of humour and is a lot less edgy than Call Of Duty: Warzone, which I assume is targeted at somewhat older youngsters. I anticipated it to go out of style years ago, but the amount of effort they put into it is really remarkable. Jay

Microswitch With all of the discussion over the Switch Pro, I don’t believe anybody has considered if Nintendo could create a version of the system that was intentionally smaller and less expensive. The Switch Lite is cheap, but it’s not especially tiny – it won’t fit in your pocket, for example – but what if there was a console that did?

While they won’t be able to get as tiny as the Game Boy Micro with the Switch due to the amount of text and interface on current games, I’d love to see them attempt.

Given Nintendo’s past system models, I believe this is something they could explore, and I know I’d enjoy it. People claim it’s difficult to anticipate Nintendo, but they don’t put forth much effort when all they do is envision them doing the obvious, which is never the case. Korbie

Unwelcome surprise Just a short note to let you know that you forgot to include the Zelda Game & Watch in your release schedule, and that you listed Hades as only being available on Xbox, but it will also be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 on August 13th. PS: Starting at 4 p.m. on Thursday, August 12th, Rebel Galaxy will be available for free on the Epic Store. Epic has previously given it out for free, and I already have it in my collection. PPS: Will you be reviewing Glitchpunk, a game inspired by Grand Theft Auto 2, which was released on Wednesday and seems to be very good?

GC: When the release date is more than six weeks out, the release schedule only includes noteworthy releases. Our unpublished not-so-notable list includes The Game & Watch. Glitchpunk is currently only available in early access, and now we have Axiom Verge 2 to contend with.

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Exceptional pace I’m ready to declare that Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is… a genuine mixed bag now that I’ve completed it. Parts of it are fantastic, and the dungeon collection may be the finest in the series. Without the motion controls, the fighting is fantastic, and the conversation is really very amusing after you get over the dull beginning. Even without motion controls, the flight is enjoyable, even though there never appears to be anyplace fascinating to go.

However, the game is horribly paced. It may be the slowest-paced game I’ve ever played, but given the overworld/dungeon balance, Zelda games have an inherent issue with that. However, the continuous repeating of objectives, the too lengthy quests, and the overall sense that the game is trudging along at a snail’s pace may make the game very tedious at times.

You can edit a game like a movie, but if it were possible, this game would be much better if at least 15 to 20 hours were taken out. It’s right up there with Alien Isolation and The Last Of Us Part 2 when it comes to games that don’t know when to quit. 84Colbat

also-rans in your inbox Is it possible that my email regarding Amiga games triggered Inbox magic? I’ll accept it even if it’s not exactly what I was hoping for. For the ultimate Amiga experience, I hope the Amiga 500 Mini can operate as one of the fastest Amigas. Thank you, GC. Chris Hand is a writer and a musician.

GC: It may be used as an A1200, complete with AGA mode.

I’m all for a new Silent Hill, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t be a big hit. In terms of sales, you’d think it was Zelda or Halo or something based on how people were talking about it. It was never that, and if they create a new one, it will most likely be much less so. Cheskers

The topic for this week’s Hot Topic is Reader Grackle proposed the topic for this weekend’s Inbox, asking, “What’s your favorite platform and video game combo?”

What he means is, what game and system combination do you like the most? It might be a Nintendo console with Zelda or Mario, an Xbox with Halo, a Sony system with God Of War, or any other combo. Which game do you believe is so perfectly suited to its platform that it feels wrong to play it on anything other, and why, if it’s a third-party game, do you think it’s so well suited to your chosen device and not another?

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