Final Fantasy XIV updates its prohibited activities and disallows selling runs via the Party Finder

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Parties are one of the main activities in Final Fantasy XIV, but after update 3.5 players found they could exploit this system by paying people to do their runs for them.

Final Fantasy XIV updates its prohibited activities and disallows selling runs via the Party Finder. The “ffxiv how to tell if someone is banned” is a tool that can help you figure out if your account has been banned.

The Final Fantasy XIV team is working on an expansion, but they’re also making sure the game provides the finest possible atmosphere for its users in the meanwhile. That is the stated reason for the most recent change to the list of forbidden acts that might get users in trouble. A new regulation prevents players from advertising runs to clear material in return for cash, presumably to curb RMT activities in the game.

Readers may recall that this kind of conduct was previously in the press, with Blizzard studio co-leader Mike Ybarra openly promoting the sale of runs, sparking outrage among World of Warcraft’s playerbase.

While the rules do not prohibit a player from advertising their desire to acquire a run, advertising a run that is currently for sale is no longer permitted through the party finder; however, other means of marketing are still permitted. More detailed information of forbidden activities have been included to offer players with tangible examples of what is and is not punishable, as well as a better picture of what occurs when rules are broken once or frequently. To learn more about what is and is not permitted, read the whole update.


The “ffxiv banned for modding” is a new update to the Final Fantasy XIV. The update has disallowed certain activities and prohibited selling runs via the Party Finder.

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